Thursday, July 25, 2019

Check Out The New Bose Alto & Rondo Frames At Best Buy

*The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.*

You all know I love my sunglasses, but I have just discovered the greatest invention known to man. Okay, maybe not the greatest invention, but definitely the greatest fashion accessory. Best Buy has these new Bose Frames. They come in two styles, Alto and Rondo.

They are both very stylish, but the Rondo are totally more my style. They have a more round shape and a more retro, elegant, look. I would wear this style for fashion alone.

The Alto are cool, too. They are more angular than the Rondo. They give me a more casual vibe, which is great for an all occasion frame. I prefer rounded styles, but these are classic.

So, the styles alone are pretty cool, right? That is the least of the features, though. Of course, they block 99% of UVA/UVB rays. What makes them really special, however, is that they have speakers built into the frame. Not just any speakers, Bose speakers. Top of the line sound, that doesn't have to go in your ears.

Unlike existing open-ear products that use bone conduction, Bose Frames use a custom-designed speaker in conjunction with a series of patented acoustic chambers and ports to steer audio into the listener’s ears from the temples of the glasses.

The overall result is unbelievable audio clarity and spaciousness that seems almost impossible given the product’s size. What’s really mind-blowing is how full and rich the audio can sound for the wearer, but how little of that can be heard by anyone else, even if they’re standing next to the wearer.

Now I can listen to my music, without bothering others, while also still being approachable. With headphone you have that "not paying attention, don't bother me" aura, which is not really the impression you usually want to send.

Not only can you hear them, they can hear you. That is, they have an integrated microphone so you can make and take phone calls and access Siri and/or your Google Assistant with ease. Plus they are scratch and shatter resistant, built for life on the go. And, one app gives you complete control. I wish I could control the rest of my life that easily.

Best of all, they are super comfortable, made for all day wear, which is essential for something like sunglasses, that you will be wearing most of the day. While it seems like a given, I still think it's very impressive that Bose was able to achieve this level of comfort, considering the incredible performance.

All in all, these are the greatest sunglasses and the greatest smart speaker I have ever seen. How did we live before this? I am obsessed. And I am so glad that Best Buy has them, with their Guaranteed Lowest Price and their excellent service. Can you tell I love Best Buy, too? If you pick up either of these Bose Frames, drop me a selfie of you rocking them. Until next time, Rock on!

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