Thursday, August 1, 2019

Florida Business Profile: Who is Irvin, Inc.?

Living in Florida, I absolutely love supporting local Florida businesses and I figured that a great way to do so would be highlighting specific businesses around the area. To start off this new segment, I want to introduce you to a company that has made a name for itself servicing the largest and most respected powerhouses in outdoor advertising. Let’s talk all about Irvin, Inc. today!

Who is Irvin, Inc.? Well, Irvin, Inc. (Irvin) has been a trusted leader in billboard supplies for more than two decades. Irvin was founded more than two decades ago and like I mentioned above, they made a name for themselves by servicing the largest and most respected powerhouses in outdoor advertising. Irvin is family-owned and operated and dedicated to the mission of offering quality solutions at fair prices, grounded in integrity and commitment. While Irvin, Inc. continues to grow each day with Denise Irvin Cannon as the president, they always stand by their original mission and promise to work with integrity in all that they do.

Over the years, Irvin has worked extremely hard paving the way for growth that would position Irvin as a top supplier within the outdoor advertising industry. “More recently, Irvin was instrumental in the market introduction of the best-selling billboard light in the United States. This unprecedented success paved the way for more lighting endeavors, as quality manufacturers sought partnerships to continue their ventures in expanded markets. Then, in 2017, Irvin partnered with Lightking to offer the industry’s most revolutionary high resolution digital billboards and displays. These new products are 50% lighter, with LEDs that outperform leading competitors on all major benchmarks.” Now, Irvin, Inc. collaborated with outdoor companies, sign shops, independent electrical contractors, and other related enterprises to take their businesses to the next level. Here are a few services that Irvin, Inc. has to offer:

LED & Solar Lighting

One service that Irvin, Inc. offers is LED and solar lighting options for you and your business. Irvin’s LED and solar lighting is not only green and sustainable, but your investment will pay for itself quickly with the money you will save on lighting. You can feel good using Irvin’s lighting products knowing that your carbon footprint will be low, and you will have very high-quality products. Whether you need lighting for a billboard, sign, sporting event, parking lot, or whatever other lighting needs your business has, Irvin has something to help make your business better and brighter.


“Digitals” refers to the awesome digital billboards and signs that you see these days. Using Irvin for your digitals has so many benefits - they offer digital billboards and signs that are significantly (50%!) lighter in weight, have less wind-load, have sharper and brighter lighting, reduce heat and are more eco-friendly, are easy to install, and look like the best digitals out there. These digitals are part of a series that they call their “Air Series,” and are the best and newest technology of digitals out there! If you are in search of a company to help up your digital billboard game, Irvin is the one for you.

Billboard Supplies

Billboard supplies is a cornerstone of Irvin’s business. They say, “Irvin is a full-service outdoor advertising supply house, proudly servicing billboard companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. We also work with a number of on-premise signage companies and electrical contractors. Through strategic alliances with manufacturing partners, we offer quality solutions and products to meet and often exceed the expectations of our clients.”

Irvin, Inc. offers the lightest, brightest, and sharpest LED billboards and displays on the market, but the best thing about their business is the fact that they truly care about their clients. When you work with Irvin, you are not just a number or another customer. They extend their family-owned and operated mindset to you, as well by treating you like family and giving you many perks such as 24/7 technical support that is personalized when you need it the most. Irvin, Inc. has two decades worth of experience when it comes to partnering with respected manufacturers to provide the most reliable, advanced, and innovative solutions on the market and they are proud to be the preferred supplier and one-stop shop for LED lighting, solar lighting, digitals, billboard supplies, and more.

There you have it - all about Irvin, Inc. I hope you loved this segment and love the continued segments to come in this series about Florida Businesses. Do you have a business that you would like for me to showcase on my blog? Let me know in the comments below! Have a great day, everyone!

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