Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Nadine West 3rd Shipment

Hello, lovelies. Today we will be checking out my 3rd shipment from Nadine West. I've been looking forward to this since last month. I love fashion and clothes, but I generally don't buy clothes for myself except for band shirts or something (which I am obsessed with.)

It is so much fun to be able to get a personalized wardrobe sent to me every month. (Actually, I changed it to every 2 weeks, because I love it so much.) I am getting real women's clothing. Tops that are not t-shirts, and pants that are not just cheap athletic leggings. This makes me feel so stylish and mature.

So, lets see all the awesome goodies I got this time. Like I said last time, I think this shipment is even better than the previous one. They just keep getting better.

These clothes are totally my style. There are a couple that are not something I would choose, but I still love them. But others are exactly me, as if I picked them myself. Like this shirt. I love it!

And these stretch jeggings. They are so good. And they will go great with everything.

So that brings us to this adorable striped shirt. I love the cut. The little "tie" in the front just makes it look much more stylish. Being chubby, I wish I could pull it off a little better, but that is not the shirt's fault. I love the sleeves, they help to hide my flabby arms.

I also got a smaller, more fitted shirt and a sheer short sleeved cardigan style shirt. These are the two that I would never think to pick for myself, but they are super cute, and probably the most "girly" of this shipment.

Those will both go great with the light blue-gray capris that I got. They have stretch, too. Casual, but sleek. I like them.

And I got a 3rd pair of bottoms this time (I got a dress n the past 2 shipments.) ANd the other pair of bottoms is so completely me. They are stretchy like leggings, but they have real pockets and cute zippers. They give me such an emo vibe (which I love.)

They look so good with my favorite shirt from this shipment.

And last, but not least, the jewelry. That black corded bracelet works so well with this outfit, too. And I really like the long necklace. It's all so pretty and works so well with the outfits.

And of course, seeing the flat lays is great, but it's hard to tell how clothes will look on a real, live, lumpy, person. So here is how my favorite outfit looks on me. I am still not happy with my body yet, but I love this outfit and it fits perfectly.

If you have not tried Nadine West yet, you really should. There is no styling fee or membership fee. You only pay for whatever fabulous items you keep. And the pieces are so affordable. The most expensive ones in my box were $26.99. The black jeggings are only $19.99. Some of the jewelry is priced even lower than that. It really is such a great value.

I am already consumed with anticipation for my next shipment. I am loving this. If you decide to try Nadine West, I would love to check out some of your looks, feel free to tag me. Ciao for now, lovelies.

*Although I received this shipment at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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