Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Nadine West - 4th Shipment

It's time again for my beloved Nadine West shipment. I love getting to try new looks that I would not have the ambition to try otherwise.

Can't go wrong with neutral staples, like these black stretch denim Bermuda shorts. They go with everything and are super comfortable.

This is a little outside my comfort zone. It's a romper. It is super cute, but I normally do not wear shorts at all, because I hate my fat legs. And this is pretty short (to me). But I am working on my weight, and I am going to give this a try. Now I have an excuse to branch out a bit.

This red top is so cute. It is dressy enough to wear with slacks or a skirt, but comfortable and casual enough for jeans or leggings too.

This black top is excellent. It's dressy, it's a little trendy, it will go with everything. I love it.

I wasn't sure about these pants at first. I normally don't do too much pattern on the bottom, especially stripes, but the cut and comfort are amazing, and these actually look quite nice on. I really like them.

This is my favorite outfit combo out of this shipment. 

The fit is great. And this looks pretty nice (much less casual than my usual clothes) while still be very comfortable. I love the wide legs on the pants, and the fabric is like butter. Better than yoga pants. I am thrilled. 

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