Monday, April 13, 2020

Being Prepared for Everything

In the midst of all of this chaos and uncertainty in the world, it is very easy to get wrapped up and preoccupied. And it is all too easy to end up with tunnel vision, only seeing the risks and consequences of the virus. And as much as I wish that was the only thing in the world that could go wrong, the sad truth is that life still happens. Other health problems, other financial hardships, other injuries.

I had actually thought myself into this bubble and sort of forgotten all of that. I literally overlooked the fact that there are still other things that put my family and I at risk. One of which, I was painfully reminded of, by seeing the aftermath, is car accidents.

Even though people are going out less, there are cars on the road. Essential workers, people getting essential supplies (which is why I was out to see the sobering remains of an accident.) And while I hope it's not something that will happen to me, or anyone I care about, or anyone at all, for that matter, it's important to be prepared.

If you are in an accident, no matter what else is going on, you still need to focus on the accident, document everything, seek medical treatment, if needed, file insurance claims, and, if necessary, talk to a lawyer. If the other driver was at fault, you might need to take legal action. Just because there is so much going on with COVID-19, doesn't mean that other things are not still important.

If you need a car accidents attorney, find one. I recently found a car accident lawyer Tampa, and it's a small comfort to know where I would turn if I ever needed it. To have a plan in place in case the worst should happen. The preparation, no matter how minor, helps me feel less worried. We could all use a lot less worry right about now. 

Of course, not everything is doom and gloom. Being prepared is just smart planning. But there are many other things to plan for that are much more comforting. Like planning what fun things you will do when this is finally over. A spa day, a day at the park with the kids, a nice dinner out, all of the above. Planning on traveling, seeing family and friends that you've had to be away from for too long.

And you can also plan fun things while you are still in social distancing mode. Like planning a fun craft for each day, or a new recipe to try each evening for dinner. Sending nice, long, letter style emails to people you can't see in person. Playing dress up. Having a theme week (PJs day, crazy hair day, etc.). Anything to make some good memories in spite of the inevitable fear and despair.

We are all together in this, even when we feel alone. You are still living, life is still moving forward and being part of this pandemic, and separate from it, as well, all at the same time. And we will persevere. Be kind, be safe.

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