Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Home Improvement Season

It is nearly the time of your where spring cleaning will start to ramp up. Out with the old and in with the new. I hate cleaning, as most do, but I always find myself wanting to re-organize my home and clear out things we no longer need. This year, though, since we have now lived here for 10 years, I am wanting to go further.

I am now considering larger scale projects like starting a vegetable garden and doing some home renovations. I would really love to do something extreme, like add a second story or knock out walls to expand the bedrooms or living room. While I think that is a bit too much for me to take on, there are still other fun, less drastic ways to make our home nicer.

One thing I have decided on so far is renovating the bathrooms. The toilet in our master bath has been malfunctioning for a awhile. The water continuing to run even when it should auto shut off. Although that is not a major issue, the model of low flow toilet we have is not as  simple to replace the floater and such as it is with more traditional models.

We could simply replace that toilet and leave it at that, but where is the fun in doing that? I have been looking at new vanities and sinks, shelves, lighting, and more. But what really excites me is the prospect of shower replacement

The shower that is currently in the master bath is wheelchair accessible, which is really cool, but it's not something we need. Having no lip around the edge increases the risk of water spilling out onto the rest of the floor, since they drain is only a few centimeters indented.

Max Home can renovate existing showers or build new ones or new enclosures. That is what I need, and enclosure. But they also have wonderful acrylic shower liners that can be overlayed the existing ones allowing a fresh, clean, modern style without tearing up the walls. Not only is that faster and less disruptive, it is also more affordable. 

Knowing that trained installers can do all the work for me makes the decision much easier. I am not the most DIY savvy person, so I always prefer to defer to the experts. Max Home even offers a five year installation warranty. Plus they offer no money down and 12 months no interest. That is pretty incredible.

In addition to a wide selection of shower improvement, replacement, or new construction options, Max Home also offers walk-in tubs. I don't necessarily need a walk in tub, but I still love the concept and would love to get one some day. For now, it is something that my mother in law needs, so I am going to get some quotes for her.

Max Home has multiple locations, so they can serve customers across several states. They offer free quotes, so if you are looking for any bath or shower renovations, you'd be wise to check out Max Home.

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