Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I hope you are all staying safe. I'm so excited to share this collection of Mother's Day gift ideas. Obviously, there are so many things moms will love that don't require a purchase. The most important thing you can give is love and time. Whether that is seeing them in person (of it is viable and safe) or video calls, phone, text, hand written letters. Anything that shows you are thinking of them.

But, I know a lot of us love to buy gifts too, so I hope this list can help you find something great, for any mom on your list, or for treating yourself. You deserve it!

Paint and Sip Live!

Experience gifts are always some of my favorite. Making memories can be so much more special than collecting 'stuff'. What's wonderful about Paint and Sip Live is that you actually get both. You can give mom the experience of learning to paint something new, the fellowship of doing it with other people (safely via Zoom) and the lasting memento in the form of the one of a kind painting she makes in the process.

Paint and Sip Live will have multiple class times on Sunday, May 8th in honor of Mother's Day. Classes are available at 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, and 8pm EST. You can order just a class (for artists who would have their own supplies) or you can purchase a kit, which includes supplies mailed to the recipient.

The classes are so much fun. Any time you can share a common passion with like-minded people, especially now in times of social distancing, it is wonderful. The tutorial is easy to follow and the paintings come out beautiful. If the mother you are shopping for likes art, I highly recommend this special gift.


Lou Malnati’s Tastes of Chicago

Food gifts are always some of my favorites. I especially love to try things that are new to me, especially regional or foreign foods. Lou Malnati’s Tastes of Chicago fits that need perfectly. I had never tried Chicago pizza before. I used to firmly believe that thin crust (MY style) was the best there is. Now, I am inclined to believe they are separate yet equal. The pizzas are delicious!!

I would never believe this was a frozen pizza had I not prepared it myself. The quality, freshness and flavor are impeccable. And as a mom, I can't help but love the convenience, it's basically as simple as heat and serve. This gift is sure to wow any pizza fan (and let's be real, that's almost everyone.)

GlocalMe G4 Pro 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot

For the mom on the go, the GlocalMe G4 Pro 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot is the perfect choice for both practical and entertainment use. I often need to work on the go, so this is perfect for that, allowing me to use my laptop from anywhere.

It is also great for mothers of younger children as it is ideal for power tablets in places were WiFi is generally unavailable. Keeping children's tablets and streaming services working can be the difference between stress and sanity, sometimes. This great device really has so many benefits. 


Pamper mom with incredible face and skin care products. Zaaina products are made with all-natural ingredients, these products nourish skin with nutrient-filled oils, butters, botanicals and herbs. The soaps are so pretty and everything smells wonderful. My skin looks and feels so much better using these. Any mom would be thrilled with these items. The Mother's Day Self Care Spa Box is a great choice, but you can't go wrong with any option. 

Peepers Sunglasses

If you've followed me for any length of time, it should be apparent that I have a small (major) obsession with sunglasses. I am so impressed with Peepers. They have an amazing selection, the styles are all very trendy and the sunglasses are excellent quality, especially for also being such a great value. You can never have too many sunglasses (though my collection will some day test that theory) and they are practical as well as fun and stylish. They also offer readers and blue light glasses, as well as kids styles. 

Xino Sports

Xino Sports has a great selection of fun products for moms and kids to bond over. My favorite are the skates, specifically these super cute roller skates. They have in-line skates, as well and even ice skates. They also have ball bouncers which are great for younger children. Activities done together can be some of the best gifts of all. Memories last a lifetime. 


I am not usually the most interested in wellness products, but these wonderful things from Activation are likely to change that. These oils can be ingested or applied topically and have a litany of benefits for hair, skin, as well as metabolism support, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and much more. I especially love the Pumpkin Seed Oil and Black Sesame Oil. There is also Magnesium, which is great for relief from cramps and muscle pain.

Filled With Gold

Holidays can be especially difficult when you have lost a loved one, particularly if you are a widow. We recently lost my Father In Law and my Mother In Law is so lost without him. He was her life. Filled With Gold Box is such a lovely gift. Not only does it have the wonderful book "Filled with Gold, A Widow's Story" but he has a collection of self care items that are curated by someone who understand the pain of a widow and the needs that they have. 


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