Monday, May 3, 2021

Best Flooring For Education Spaces

Recently, I have been sharing a lot about our home improvement efforts and future plans. I am still very excited about all of that, but I also thought it is important to talk about projects outside the home. My son attends a private school for special needs children. It is primarily children on the autism spectrum, but there are also students with ADHD and other neurological conditions.

The reason that is important is because they school is very volunteer and donations based. Therefor, parents stay deeply involved in decisions regarding expansion, renovations, etc. My son's school just recently used a grant to purchase new computers, for the computer lab, and a washer and dryer set for the life skills program (Family and Consumer Science class.)

The next big project will mostly likely be redoing the floors. This is something that has been in discussion for a couple years now, but was put off when Covid turned the school systems upside down. Now that we are returning to some semblance of normalcy, it's time to revisit the plan.

I have been looking into options and I found that LVT flooring is a great choice for educational spaces because of its versatility. It comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and patterns. It is also much easier to care for that natural wood or tile flooring is. Additionally, it is less noisy, which I'm sure you can understand, is a huge benefit in a place of learning or anywhere where there are many children. 

LVT flooring is also more affordable than most other types of flooring, which is another great benefit, especially for a school that is funded primarily by scholarships and donations. Another huge advantage is that it is easy to install, which again can be of use to save on costs, by allowing volunteers to assist in the installation.

I researched a lot of companies to compare lvt flooring options and Mannington Commercial really stood out to me for their wide selection and affordable rates. All the patterns are so stylish and modern. They even have "Express" styles, a selection of the most popular options which are affordable and stocked and ready to be shipped within five days. 

They also have knowledgeable, trustworthy employees that are eager to answer any questions you may have. The have national and international reps to accommodate you wherever you may reside.

With the school year nearly at an end, the timing is perfect to start planning repairs and improvement projects. Even though the lvt process is so simple that it is not very disruptive, it is still much easier to replace flooring when the rooms are already unoccupied and furnishings can be removed.

While the interior of the building is important, the real value lies inside the people that occupy the school. Everything that goes into the building is only used to support the process of learning and growing the young minds that will lead our future. They deserve the best that we can give them.

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