Monday, May 24, 2021

Personal Training

My health, diet, and weight are some things that I write about quite regularly on this blog. The main reason for that is simply because it is a large part of my daily life. During the past year, thanks to quarantine and everyday stress, and who knows what other variables, my willpower has not been very strong.

I have struggled greatly with sticking to my diet plan (keto). I have gained back some of the wight I had loss and stalled where  should have been continuing to lose from the lack of adherence to my plan. Additionally, I have not been making any efforts toward exercise, which is something I plan to correct.

I have an incline trainer, that I used to use. Now, it is just an expensive storage space, as, due to lack of actual storage space in our home, it is home to chests of clothing, boxes, and more. It is not the standard, article of clothing slung over it, as one would assume when the picture an abandoned exercise machine.

Still, though it is hard to find the space to move the offending clutter to, I miss that machine (as much as one who hates all forms of exercise can miss such a thing). I have also considered taking simple walks around the neighborhood, but the heat here (in Florida) is volatile, and I have literally blacked out from it more than once. 

So, for me, indoor workouts seem to be the way to go. I am starting to think that a personal trainer may be a good idea. I have been doing quite a bit of research on the subject. In so doing, I found a lot of great information on how to become a personal trainer

It is strange, I never actually considered how one would do such a thing before now. For some reason, I assumed it was just something you could do if you were good at fitness and had the means or drive to take on clients. Little did I know that there is a certification course that one should take. There is a personal training institute right in my own state. Not only my state, but the closest metropolitan city; quite close to where I live. 

While I obviously am not the kind to ever become a personal trainer, this helps me know what to look for when choosing a personal trainer for myself, if I decide to do so. And It helps me be much more confident in my choice knowing where to find certified trainers. Learning about the school helps me be more aware of what my future trainer should know.

I love that I learned something new. And soon, most likely, I will be learning a lot more and getting healthier and more in shape in the process. Another thing I am working on, though, is loving myself no matter what kind of shape I am in. That one takes a lot more work, but the reward is greater too.

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