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Diet-To-Go Gourmet Diet Meals Review

Now that warmer(or unbearably hot) weather is here, it is time to break out the swim suits, tank tops and shorts, and do everything you can to stay cool.When you have some unwanted weight, this can be a difficult and very stressful time.

I know first hand the insecurity and low self-esteem that comes along with swim suit weather. This often results in people becoming reclusive and not enjoying any of the activities that they are longing to do, or trying to take drastic measures to lose weight, which can be harmful, ineffective or only a temporary solution.

So what can a person do to loose weight safely and in a way that the results will be lasting? The key it to make a lifestyle change rather than to "diet".

Starving yourself is not safe, and even if you achieve weight loss, as soon as you begin to eat normally, you will gain it all back, and possibly more since not eating enough can slow your metabolism.

And diving into a hard core workout without proper conditioning is not smart either. You risk serious injury or health complications by doing such, and unless you also start eating right(not only "dieting" but eating the right amount of nutrients) that it can be a real issue and possibly be of no help.

My advice is to begin eating right. There is a difference between dieting and eating healthy. To me, a diet implies sacrifice, tiny portions, no sugar, shockingly low calorie counts and all around deprivation.

With healthy eating, you can eat most any kind of food(in the proper portions) and are not forced to eliminate carbs or whatnot. The meals are satisfying and provide your body with things like Protein, Fiber, Calcium and Vitamins to keep you healthy.

This probably sounds confusing, and although it can theoretically be done at home with fresh ingredients by anyone, sometimes people(like me) need a little help with knowing how to go about it. Also, if one's cooking skills are less than stellar or their time is very limited etc, one might need a structured meal plan that is handled for them. Heat and serve meals.

I know that prepared "diet" food may not seem like it would be very good, and I completely understand that though since I myself have been let down by many packaged "diet" meals, and even the thought of packaged food leads me to picture mushy, cardboard-like, bland, processed and all around disgusting meals.

Thankfully, I know one company that offers healthy("diet") meals that are fresh prepared and frozen, shipped on dry ice in a cooler directly to your door.
The food is real. Real food, real fresh, real healthy, real delicious and really filling. Sound too good to be true? Amazingly though, it is true. Diet-To-Go really is a real plan for real people that really works.

I have reviews their plan once before(and LOVED it), and I have just had the pleasure of trying another 5 days of meals to review. Once again, I am in love. This program is incredible.

You can see that it is real food as soon as you open the cooler. I love that it comes in see though plastic so you know exactly what to expect, and you can really observe the high quality meals contained within.

These meals look(to me) just as good or better than anything one can make at home or even get in a diner or restaurant.The freshness is undeniable, and portions are very generous(for any prepared meals let alone diet meals).

The dishes themselves(in terms of the actual "menu" item), are so amazing. There are tons of god old fashioned comfort foods, and there are also many things that are gourmet, unique(to me) and adventurous, which is wonderful.

To be able to not only enjoy your food while on a diet(or healthy eating lifestyle), but to discover new tastes and all in love with foods you never would have otherwise discovered is fantastic. I am a pretty boring eater generally, so trying new things and loving them is so much fun.

I don't even know what else I can say about Diet-To-Go to explain how incredible this plan really is, so I am going to let the food do the talking. Check out my 5 day menu. 

Day 1
Breakfast- Blueberry Pancake rolls, Turkey Sausage and Asparagus. 
The pancakes are incredible. They are golden and buttery, the perfect balance of fluffiness and texture. The pancakes are so delicious and the filling so flavorful, that I did not even use syrup. I love the very large portion. 2 and a half rolls, that is great. The sausage is so wonderful, better than any pork sausage in my opinion.
Lunch - Szechuan Turkey Burger With Black Bean Chili and Carrot & Beet Salad.
 This meal in incredible. The burger is so big and satisfying. The meat is juicy and you get a very large amount. It is packed with ingredients (like a meatball), and it has such a wonderful flavor. I cannot even begin to describe it but it is robust and savory with just a hint of kick, it's incredible. The sauce gives it a BBQ flavor, I love it. The Black bean Chili was fabulous as well. I did not much care for the Carrot & Beet Salad because I really dislike beets, but it was a nice thing to have and I am sure it would be great for beet fans.
Dinner - Fettuccine with Italian Turkey Meatballs with Broccoli and Cauliflower.
This is a massive portion. There are three HUGE meatballs a a large amount of pasta, plus a very generous amount of cheese(I love cheese).
I love pasta but an generally not a huge fan of red sauces(although I do not dislike them per-say either). This sauce is fabulous though. Very flavorful and not too tangy. The meatballs are s juice and full of flavor.
Even the veggies were awesome, which is a testament to their freshness and quality of cooking since there were not seasoned or anything. They were still firm and not mushy at all, and they tasted really good. I was surprised by how good they are for just being veggies.

Day 2
Breakfast - Ratatouille Omelet with Asparagus.
A huge portion. A whole omelet and a half, plus asparagus. This is loaded with veggies which not only add to the large portion, but also give a wonderful and complex flavor. What I love though is that the veggies are not required to make this flavorful, the cheese in this omelet is out of this world amazing. Not only is there a ton of it, it is so delicious, I was blown away.
Lunch - Turkey Pastrami & Swiss on Rye with Fruit cup.
Being completely honest, I was not a fan of this meal. The reason is that I hate rye bread with a passion. I love that you can add any allergies and food dislikes when ordering, and I wish I had remembered to add no rye. The Turkey Pastrami and Swiss cheese on this was delicious and the fruit cup(citrus and pineapple) was fabulous. The bread was fresh and soft too, and I know it would be good if I liked rye. It is a balance and filling meal, just not my cup of tea.
Dinner - Penne Pasta with Meat Sauce with Carrots and Snap Peas.
This is delicious. Again, red sauce is not my favorite, but this one is fantastic(even better than the other one). This one is almost like a soup or stew flavor. It is hearty enough to be a meal on it's own. The pasta is delicious and the texture is wonderful. It is still firm but not fully aldente(which is a little to firm for my taste).
The veggies are fresh and tender with the right amount of firmness. They are sweet and flavorful without the need for any added seasoning.

Day 3
Breakfast - Apple Pancake Rolls with Turkey Sausage and Asparagus.
This is basically the same as the Blueberry Pancake rolls meal above. The portion size is equally generous, the sausage is savory and flavorful, the syrup is not needed, the pancakes are fluffy and golden and the filling it to die for. These taste like apple pie, they are so amazingly good. I am in love.
Lunch - Deluxe Turkey Sandwich.
With moist delicious sliced turkey, Swiss Cheese and incredible BBQ(type) sauce on a huge whole grail roll, this sandwich is filling and mouth wateringly good.
Dinner - Chicken Pizza with Broccoli.
I am obsessed with pizza, and this is actually BETTER than traditional pizza. The crust is whole wheat(I think) and it is more dense than traditional crust which I love. It has a hearty flavor that really fills you up, unlike regular pizza which makes me crave more.
There is so much cheese. I could not believe how cheesy this was, especially to still be healthy.
The chicken was tender, juicy and flavorful, and the sauce was perfect. Once again, the broccoli was flawless.

Day 4
 Breakfast - Ambrosia Salad, Granola Bar and Orange Juice.
This is so yummy and unique. It's creamy and fruity and sweet. There was blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, mango and coconut(maybe more) all in a creamy sauce. So fabulous. I crumbled my granola bar into it to make it even more delicious and add some texture.
I love that not only was I allowed to have juice along with this, but it was even included. How convenient.
Lunch - (Turkey)Ham Salad Sandwich on Pretzel bread with Lentil Chili and String Cheese.
This is a massive sandwich. The pretzel bread is phenomenal, soft and fresh and so tasty. I love the filling. The (Turkey) Ham is so incredible and there is a great amount so you get plenty in every single bite. I love the "salad" part. I hate mayo and am glad that this is a mustard based salad without being too tangy. It's spot on.
In addition to a humungous sandwich I also got a Lentil Chili(which is unbelievable). I never really eat lentils, but this was so good. Plus I got a string cheese. I love string cheese.
Dinner - Turkey Chili(with cheese) with Southwest Cornbread and Pasta Salad.
This is so wonderful. I love chili. I don't usually like it as a meal because I want a very filling meal and often times I don't get full on a reasonable portion of chili. Thankfully, I did not have that problem with this. This was hearty, flavorful and filling, especially with the amazing cornbread(I could eat cornbread all day every day) and the pasta salad.

Day 5
Breakfast - Noodle Kugal with Apple Sauce and Cranberry Juice(cocktail).
This is amazing. It is a sweet noodle casserole type dish. It has raisins and cinnamon, and a creamy sauce, it tastes so unique. I just adore it. Having apple sauce and juice with this too is great. The only critique  would be I wanted more Kugal because it's so yummy.
Lunch - Grilled (Turkey) Ham and Cheese.
Not only do you get a generous 1 and 1/2 sandwich serving, but this is so much better than a traditional grilled sandwich. The bread is actually french toast! How incredible is that? Not only is that more filing, it provides a very unique taste. There is a light sweetness that makes this over-the-top delicious. 
There is tons of cheese and plenty of meat and they both taste incredible, but I cannot get over the bread. I never would have thought to do this, but if I could, I would eat every sandwich this way. PERFECTION!
Dinner - Chicken Parmigiana with Carrots and String Cheese.
I love this. Super cheesy, juicy, flavorful chicken, perfectly cooked pasta and robust sauce. The carrots and tender and sweet and I can't get enough of the string cheese. A wonderful and filling portion. My husband loves chicken Parmigiana(but hates "diet" food) and he was totally jealous of this. That says a lot for how good this looks and smells(and tastes).

Every meals is incredibly fresh, flavorful, filling and fabulous. I wish I could eat this well every day(unfortunately I cannot afford to, although I feel it is completely worth the money). This is the way to eat for a lifetime to achieve and maintain a low(healthy) weight. It's not Diet Food, it's healthy food for real life, long-term.

If I was not previously aware that this is healthy(diet) food, I never would have guessed and I probably would not even believe it. It is really that good. I could eat if every single day forever and never ever feel deprived or get bored.

Diet-To-Go meals would be ideal for anyone(not only those wanting to lose weight) that wants fresh, healthy prepared meals. Just heat and eat, it could not be any easier, and the food could not get any better than this. The price is actually really great for everything you get, especially considering the premium quality and the fact that you don't have to add in anything.

And to make it even more affordable, Diet-To-Go is offering a special Gift Card to Andrea's World Reviews Readers.

Use the code F345660 for $50 off any 7 day meal plan. That is a huge savings, making these meals an even more incredible value.

And the incredible promotions do not end there. Diet-To-Go is also hosting a Dietbet. You could win money just for losing weight. Plus you will get a special discount from Diet-To-Go.

And if you would like the chance to win these incredible meals then you have to enter the Summer Shape-Up Sweepstakes. One lucky winner will receive a MONTH of free Diet-To-Go meals AND 5 others will win a WEEK of meals. ENTER NOW!

Be sure to also follow Diet-To-Go on all social media so you never miss out on amazing promotions.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Have you tried Diet-To-Go? Have you ever had a diet that was easy and tasty? What do you think of these meals? Or anything else you have to say. I love hearing from you all.

*Although I received these meals at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

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