Thursday, June 13, 2013

HABA Sand Toys Review & GIVEAWAY!!

Summer is here! Now is the time to get outside for fun in the sun. With kids being out of school, it is important that you have fun things for the kids to do. Boredom can set in very quickly during the summer.

Kids are always counting the days until school gets out, and then once it does, they get really bored. That is actually the better of the bummer summer. Sometimes instead of getting bored, kids enjoy vegging out on the couch, sleeping late and watching a lot of TV.

That can really regress a lot of the progress that they made in school all year, and it certainly is not good as far as health/fitness is concerned.

My son thankfully has 4 weeks of extended school during July because of his autism in order to keep him in the school mindset and increase his learning even more, but even the 2 months that he is home, he tends to get restless.

He is on the chubby side, so I want an activity that encourages him to more, at least a little bit. Something that is great for outdoor play, but that is also good inside when rain forces us to be.

HABA Toys, had exactly the kind of thing I wanted.

They have some fabulous sand toys. They are all awesome! I especially love their collection of vehicles. I recently got my son the Sand Play Steam Roller and Sieve:

This is such a great toy. It is made of heavy duty plastic, so it is incredibly tough. The colors are great, bright and playful.

The sieve feature is really unique, and would be great for the sand. I imagine it would be really great for water too.

Best of all, this toy is great for inside play too.
My son LOVES to play with it, and he has not even had the chance to try it outside yet, although he knows what it is meant for. As soon as he saw it he said, "A new toy" "We need sand. time for the beach, get your bathing suit". It was so cute.

He was spot on, this would be perfect at the beach. The sand and water together make the perfect environment for this fabulous toy.

The best thing about this toy is that is does not make noise or need batteries or require software or anything like that. It is kid powered both physically and imaginatively.

This is the perfect toy for kids of all ages. Both boys and girls will love this fun, safe, durable, versatile toy.

If you know a kiddo that would love a toy like this, then you are in luck, becuase HABA has been kind enough to offer a wonderful giveaway. One lucky winner will have their choice of(one) Tanker Truck, Sieve Roller OR Shovel Excavator toy. Enter Below. Good luck.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*


  1. Ohh that is so cute! My son would love this at the beach!

  2. I love that both of my boys can use this toy, even though they're almost three years apart!

  3. I love that it doesn't require batteries!

  4. I like that it has a handle and looks very durable!

  5. I like that it leaves different patterns in the sand as it rolls and it's a different toy than the usual ones for the sandbox!

  6. I like that it's made of heavy plastic and will last for lots of play. Thanks.

  7. love that its made of quality plastic