Friday, June 21, 2013

Proskin Leggings

For as long as I can remember, I have hated my body. Even when it was at it's best, it was never even close to where I always wished it would be. Even worse, I never even had a good feature to make up for all my bad ones. Some people have the eyes, the butt, the legs...SOMETHING.

One thing I have always been especially embarrassed of(along with my belly) is my legs. I have never had the long, thin, tone legs hat I have wanted. And while length is entirely up to God, I hate hat I have never been able to achieve the tone that I long for.

In January(after having really let my weight get out of hand), I began a diet, which is now going to be a permanent eating change for me. I have lost over 40 pounds and am feeling a lot better about myself although I am still not very close to my goal.

One thing that I was happy abut is that I have dropped some size and jiggle from my legs as well, which I was worried I would not be able to do.

Even my calves have gone down in size and since they were pretty solid, I assumed they were mostly muscle and cursed with being huge. I could never even wear high boots becuase they were too big, now I am able to and I love that.

But even though my legs are much better than they were when I began this journey, I am still very unhappy with them.

Not only are they larger in general, they are also flabbier. They have cellulite and the skin just looks lifeless and really gross. For only being 25(in a few days), my legs look atrocious.

I still do not feel at all comfortable in shorts, bathing suits or short dresses/skirts. Anything  that exposes my legs is not a viable option for me, so even in the scorching Florida Summer, I live in jeans to hide them.

I would probably do just about anything to obtain the legs that I have dreamed of all my life. I have just always been clueless as to where to begin.

Recently, though, I discovered a product that was created to help people like me. An almost magical solution to fat, flabby, sad legs.

Proskin Slim Leggings actually Tighten, Tone, Reduce size and improve skin on the entire leg(and up in the hips as well) in only 28 days.

Proskins Slim Clinical Tests Results
This is amazing. I wish I would have found this kind of product sooner.

I am going to be trying Proskin Slim Leggings for 28 days, and I cannot wait to see how they work for me. I will also be posting regular updates for all of you so you can follow my progress. I am so excited.I look forward to starting this new journey and sharing it with all of you.

*I will receive Proskin Slim Leggings at no cost to facilitate reviews of my results. All opinions will be 100% my own*

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