Monday, June 24, 2013

Therafit - Step Into Comfort.

For anyone that knows me fairly well, you would know that I despise shoes. Well actually, let me rephrase, I LOVE shoes from a style aspect. I love having a super cute pair of kicks to give my outfit the perfect exclamation point.

My feet on the other hand(or foot, lol) are always miserable in shoes. I don't know why, just being in shoes is like torture. So I avoid wearing them as much as possible. I go barefoot at home always, and even when going somewhere, I usually wear flip flops to avoid the discomfort of my cuter shoes.

However there are many times that flip flops just don't go. Anywhere a lot of walking is involved and any kind of outdoor sports, labor, etc requires an athletic type shoe.

Usually after a couple hours in sneakers, my feet are dying. It is the most horrible experience. I have tried so many brands and styles to no avail.

Of course, I am no quitter, so when I was contemplating ideas for by top Birthday picks, I wanted to find a pair of shoes that did not bring blisters and pain to my feet and tears to my eyes. I figured it would be difficult but I rose to the challenge.

It was actually much easier than I though as soon as I looked in the right place. I actually felt a little silly that I had not discovered these sooner.

Therafit is a brand that's sole objective is to produce shoes that no only care for your feet, but your entire body.
What makes Therafit so special is that it is a comfortable shoe created to be fashionable and functional, not the other way around.

That might not make much sense, but basically, the first thought is comfort, then comes the style and performance. Most other shoes put fashion or performance first and try to work in the comfort as an afterthought, and that does really work.

Therafit was created by a doctor(Dr. Lisa Masterson). You know that if a doctor creates something intended to relieve/prevent pain, it is bound to work. But even if you are still a little skeptical, there is one feature that ensures Therafit will fit your needs perfectly. They are customizable!

You can actually adjust the support level of these shoes. It's really amazing. There are three Personal Comfort Adapters that are removable. You can leave all 3 in place, or you can remove one, two or all three.
What is really cool is that they are on each shoe(or course). So if you happen to need different support levels for each foot independently even, you can do that and not have to worry about getting 2 different shoes or having unnecessary discomfort.

And since you can remove and replace them as you like, if you need different levels of support for different days or situations, you can have it without any hassle at all. Even if you find the "perfect" pair of shoes for your feet, if might not be right for every situation. With Therafit, if it's not perfect, just change it. I love that.

And the Personal Comfort Adapters are hardly the only feature designed for maximum comfort and cushion. The entire shoe is built with comfort in mind, and it really shows. So much goes into these, and the end result really reflects that.

Therafit Technology Image

From the Breathable upper all the way down to the flexible outsole, this shoe is incredible. They are perfect down to the last detail and the quality just pours out. They are unbelievable.

It was like butter when I put these on. The just molded to me feel, it was like stepping on memory foam. The had just the right about of support without being too hard or firm. They had a perfect cushion. They have the slightest spring to but a bounce in your step and reduce impact on knees, ankles and of course feet.

These are perfectly comfortable to be no matter how I use the Personal Comfort Adapters, but I think I prefer the shoes without them because they feel even softer and more cushiony that way.

It is like walking on air. It might be even more comfortable than being barefoot. The top is so breathable that I never feel confined, hot, or uncomfortable in that aspect, and the soft, cradling bounce actually makes every step easier and causes far less impact to my joints when I walk. I have noticed a reduction in my hip and knee pain, and my back has not hurt in days(it always used to hurt).

I am in love with these shoes!!

And as great as the comfort is, of course the performance is as well. I could do anything in these shoes. With that kind of comfort, you would think the style would be sacrificed. On the contrary, they are adorable!
I am all about black for sneakers(and everything) so these are great. I love that the bottoms are gray and not white so they don't show dirt as easily, and the white laces really pop even more. They are so fabulous. I can wear them with almost anything(except formal wear of course). And they stand out without being too flashy.
These shoes would make a perfect gift for anyone. Not only are you giving the gift of a super cute, functional shoe, but of sublime comfort that banishes pain and makes every step feel like floating. You could never put a value on that.

These definitely made a great gift to myself. And as if the amazing shoes themselves was not enough to do that, the way they arrived really made them feel like a present, because they were wrapped and everything.
This incredible gesture was such a wonderful icing on the cake. The products are incredible yes, but this just goes a step further and shows how truly caring the Therafit company is. How they really care about their customers and take their time to show their appreciation.

Taking the time to wrap the box so beautifully, tie it with a lovely ribbon and even hand write a note shows a passion and dedication to customers that is unparalleled. I am so beyond impressed.

Every single aspect of my experience with Therfit has been superb. I highly receommend that everyone try Therafit, not only for their amazing quality products,  but also their incredible service. I am sure you will be blown away, as I am.

And be sure to keep an eye on my posts because in the coming months I will be hosting a giveaway for a pair of these incredible shoes. Therafit has been kind enough to allow me to give you all a chance to win, but their shoes are so popular, that will have to wait until they can get a little breathing room. So now you have something exciting to look forward to.

*Although I received these at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

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