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Give Dad the Gift of a Satisfying Snack - Review & GIVEAWAY!!

Time is running out. Father's Day is almost here. If you have not gotten your father(or children's father, etc) a great gift, now is the time.

Believe me, I know how hard it is to shop for guys. I could buy 20 completely different, thoughtful gifts for 20 different women way more easily that I could buy even 1 great gift for a man.

Some guys are outdoorsy, some are Mr. Fix-it, some are Tech Junkies and so on. Whatever their "category", it is quite likely that whatever he is into, you have already purchased for him multiple times. Most people don't need 5 different fishing poles are ratchet sets or tablets. What do you get for a guy that "already has everything"?

My dad has always been more of a Mr. Fix-it, but he already had tons of tools and such, and I got tired of trying to get him different versions of the same old things. So what I do for him is give him food gifts. He LOVES the tradition. My dad loves to eat, so it just makes sense.

With food, you never have to worry about the recipient ending up with too many of the same thing sitting in a closet untouched.

Almost every guy I know loves to receive food gifts which is great because there is so many options for that.

The staples I usually would give are nuts and meat & cheese boxes, and the occasional chocolate or sweet treat. I like to mix it up though and not give the same things. I always wish I could have something healthier, and yet still great tasting. You never want to gift a man a "diet" snack. Not only could it be taken as an insult, they probably would not want to eat it.

But I have a Food Gift idea that hits it out of the park. It is the quintessence of what a gift should be. I can't imagine any guy(except a vegetarian) not loving this product.

SIMPLY SNACKIN' is the snack that any dad is sure to love. Gourmet Meat Snacks in 6 incredible and distinctive varieties.

I have had the pleasure of reviewing Simply Snackin' before, and I fell in love with it. The flavors are incredible. I knew that my dear husband would love it, so I got him a 12 piece Assorted Sampler.

I call them "Jerky" although they are are far superior to any jerky you could find. These are premium cuts of lean meats and artisan ingredients perfectly paired to create a tantalizingly satisfying snacking experience.

My hubby is very picky about food and is apprehensive about trying new things. He was a little daunted by the flavor combinations at first. He thought that combining fruit and meat would be horrible, but he changed his tune when he tried the first bite. He was hooked immediately.

There are 3 Beef(Sirloin) varieties and 3 Chicken Breast Varieties.

Beef Sirloin with Apples & Cherries:

This is probably my favorite, the cherries and the Sirloin pair so well together. You would think that it may be too sweet, but it really wasn't. It tastes amazing. It is very hard to describe because you get the little burst of brightness along with the savory meat and spices. It is very special.

My husband really likes this. I knew he would, but he was surprised since he is not really a cherry lover, but the deeper flavor they have from being dried and paired with the meat gives them a totally different taste, and he thinks it's great.

Beef Sirloin with Cranberries & Blueberries:

This is another very unique combo. Cranberries go well with meat, but never would I have imagined blueberries as well. It is fantastic. Once again, not too sweet at all. The Sirloin is truly the star, and the fruit is just another dimension of the incredible flavor.

Hubby loves this variety as well, and I think that it is his favorite of the tenderloin varieties. He said the layers of flavor are incredible.

Teriyaki Beef Sirloin With Pineapples:

This one is probably the closest to a "regular" jerky flavor. Everyone has probably tried Teriyaki jerky at some point, but you've never had it like this. The pineapples give it that little something extra that make it fabulously unique.

My hubby loves Teriyaki, and says this is "wicked good", which is pretty much the highest compliment coming from him.

Moving on to the amazing Chicken Breast varieties...

Chicken Breast with Black Bean Salsa:

This is definitely the spiciest variety, but it is not too hot or anything. It just has a little kick from the peppers. The black beans give it a very hearty depth of flavor. Very satisfying, and the most savory flavor.

Hubby loves this flavor. He likes his food with a little heat, so the bold flavor really appeals to him, probably the most of any of the flavors. 

Chicken Breast with Italian Seasoning and Romano Cheese:

This flavor is so amazing. They are all so good that it is a hard call, but this is one of my favorites. I love Romano Cheese, and cheese and meat together is my idea of perfection, so it is hard not to be hooked on this wonderful variety.

My hubby adores this one too. He is also a cheese lover, and he is all about Italian seasoning. He loves anything with an Italian flavor to it. He grew up on Italian(from Friends and Little Italy, he is actually Irish), and he says that this holds it's own against all the amazing flavors he is used to.

Teriyaki Chicken With Mangoes & Papayas:

This is the only chicken with fruit, and it is fabulous! Mangoes are my favorite fruit, and they go so well with the amazing Teriyaki flavor of this variety.It is still very savory yet with an island like feel. It reminds me of like Hawaii or a luau or something.

Like when you see a pig roasting with an apple in it's mouth, that is what I think of. The savory, fruity, complex flavor of this(and every) variety is so hard to describe except to say it tastes incredible.

Hubby loves this flavor too, but he is likes the other more savory chicken ones more since he is not a fan of tropical fruit. Just the fact he even likes it really speaks to how fantastic it really tastes. He still ate them both happily, and I love that.

My husband ate and LOVED every single one of these delicious gourmet meat snacks. If a picky eater like him loved these, and adventurous eater would be over the moon. They really are premium taste experience.

They are so satisfying too. The come in individually wrapped 1oz servings. Not only does that keep them amazingly fresh, it helps you to more effectively manage portion size, and eat different flavors without opening multiple bags.

That makes them perfect for on the go snacking. Dad can keep some in the glove box, in a tool box, tackle box, hiking pack and so on. The possibilities are endless, and he will always have a protein packed snack on hand.

Each terrific package contains only 60 calories and .5g of fat or less!! That is unbelievable. How could such a bold, flavor, filling snack be diet friendly? It is almost too good to be true, especially since these are also packed with protein to provide energy and aid metabolism.

Every flavor of Simply Snackin' have: No added MSG, fillers or artificial ingredients, and all except the 2 Teriyaki ones are also Gluten Free.

They are so moist it is unbelievable. It is nothing like you would expect from jerky. Not the slightest bit hard, leathery, chewy or dry. They are not mushy or anything, they have that meaty texture you crave in a meat snack, but they are actually meaty and not rubbery and hard to chew.

The texture also helps to improve(preserve) the flavor. When something is overly dry it cannot retain that yummy juicy meat flavor. These are by far the best meat snacks I have ever eaten in every aspect. Taste, texture and nutrition are all far beyond that of anything I have had before. Simply perfect.

Simply Snackin' is my top choice for a snack food for (any) Dad this Father's Day. Trust me, he will love not only the taste, but the manliness and the outdoor friendly packaging. This is a gift that is sure to make his day.

And to prove it, Simply Snackin and I are giving you all the chance to win an epic prize. One lucky winner will receive a 120 Piece(20 of each flavor) Sampler! That is a $192 Value!!

Just picture it, that is 10 times the amount pictured above. That is sure to make any Dad's Father's Day out of this world. Enter below for your chance to win. Good luck!

*Although I received these at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

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