Friday, June 14, 2013

Tidy Table Review & GIVEAWAY!!

Do you have(or know) an early eater? As children grow, they often get too big for a high chair before they develop all the skills required to eat without making a huge mess.

Booster seats are great for children to sit at the table, but that still leaves the issue of where and how the food is contained. Plates are not really a great idea for young children. The can fling them everywhere(purposely or not).

Place mats are a little better in theory, but they can also be picked up pretty easily. The can also slide or be pulled down accidentally and food can easily be pushed off the side since there is no raised sides.

What other options are there? Well if you are like me, you might try putting the food directly on the table, but that is pretty messy too and the table must be very clean to do this. Still I would do it anyway for lack of a better option.

Since my son is autistic, e only eats finger foods, and I cannot give him a plate, he takes food off of napkins and such and sets it directly on the table(or computer desk where he often eats). Since many of the foods he eats are greasy, it makes a huge mess everywhere.

Thank heavens I found Tidy Table from Bambinos!

The Tidy Table Tray + Flexi-Diner is so awesome. It combines the mess reducing aspects of a high chair, with the convenience of  portability.

Since is uses a clip to attach to the table, it can fit most any shape or size table to be used almost anywhere.
This product makes my life so much easier when it comes to feeding my son without the entire desk getting greasy. Now he can eat without making such a mess and without his food having to touch the desk.

He loves it too, more than I thought he would. I was worried he would feel like it was for babies, but in his mind it is awesome since it is special, just for him. He call's it "Bobby's Table" or "Green Table".

Now he asks for it when he want's something to eat. He will say, "Bobby's Table, Chicken Nuggets" or "Bacon! We need the Green Table". It is so cute.

The green part of the tray is detachable for easy cleaning, and it makes it easy to carry multiple items(using the tray) to the table and attach it to the base which could already be in place.

This will even fit on a high chair, which is awesome since I also have a 20 month old girl who still uses her high chair(which I have lost the removable try to). So now I can use this and have the removable, easier to clean tray once again at my disposal.

She is starting to outgrow the high chair as well, so this will be perfect when she transitions to the table.

The Tidy Table is just such a time, effort and stress saver. I love it! Any caregiver to a young child should have one.

For that reason, Bambinos! and I are giving one away. One lucky winner will receive their very own Tidy Table Tray + Flexi-Diner. Enter below. Good luck.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*
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  1. Love that it has locations for cup, fork/spoon, etc.!

  2. I like that is it detachable and I see your son using at computer so that is a plus!