Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Starlooks Lipcolor Review

As you all know, Starlooks is one of my favorite cosmetics brands. Their monthly beauty box, Starbox, is the only box that I subscribe to. Not only are the products very reasonably priced, but the quality is outstanding.

Starlooks cosmetics are among the the best I have ever used, and certainly the very best quality for being such an outstanding value.

I love to experiment with new products and color choices, and I know that when I choose Starlooks I am guaranteed premium quality, which is especially important when trying something new.

This time, I tried a staple, a classic, just in a new and different color choice for me.

The Moisture Rick Lipstick is incredible! This color is called Roseate.

This color is actually pretty neutral, which is right in my comfort zone, but it is a paler color than I normally wear. I tend to stick with darker bronze colors, plums and darker or shimmery translucent pinks, but rarely a light, neutral pink color like this.

Although I was surprised by this color at first, I really love it. I will not say it will be a new everyday look or anything, but I really love this fun, light color. It's great for summer when you want a fresher, brighter look without looking like a neon sign.

The moisture level of this lipstick out mind blowing. I wish I had taken a before shot of my lips so you could truly see the difference, but they were terrible dry and even peeling and cracking. I put this on and you can hardy even tell.

So many times I have had lipsticks stick to these imperfections and make them look immensely worse. They certainly did not hydrate my lips and actually help to remedy the problem like this miracle stick does.

Not only does it look and feel incredible, and last for hours and hours without creasing bleeding, fading or drying, but it actually conditions the lips, so even when I take it off, my lips look healthier and smoother than they did when I put it on.

I am so in love with Starlooks Moisture Rich Lipstick, and am looking forward trying more of the gorgeous colors. I am addicted to this stuff. A great lipstick is an invaluable asset. This truly is a must have item for any woman.

I highly recommend Starlooks Moisture Rich Lipstick, or any of their AMAZING products, and I especially recommend Starbox.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

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