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June Starbox Review

Every month(dating back to October) I receive a fabulous expected surprise. An expected surprise is a bit of a contradiction, but I stand by the term, and here is why. I know that the box of fabulous items is coming, and I can even see clues to it's contents with the monthly Look Book, but I will not know the exact items until the box(that I am expecting) arrives.

The surprise is so much fun. It is like getting a present every single month, and although I a paying for it, the value always greatly exceeds the cost. Not only does the retail value of the products received exceed the cost, but(in my opinion) the products themselves are so wonderful that they are worth even more than the retail value.

If you have never heard of the box of awesomeness that is called STARBOX, you have been seriously missing out. Thankfully you have me to enlighten you. Check out the Amazing(1 year) Anniversary box that I received for June so you can see what wonders you've been missing.
The boxes are always sensational, and picking favorites is hard since I love them all, but this is one of my favorites.

I got 3 incredible, FULL SIZED(unlike most beauty boxes), products:

Precision Eye Definer Pen(Black):
I am horrible at using any liquid liners. I have tiny eyes, and liquid liners(and many solid liners) seem to swallow them up and instead of lining my eye, I color half my lid. I hate that. I can never get the thin line that I want, so I never line my top lid, although I always wish I could.

This has an ultra-fine tip that is soft and gentle, yet firm enough to give you excellent control and precise detail.
I am able to achieve a VERY slim line with this pen and I love it. This pen is so wonderful. The color is rich and bold. It lasts forever and the formula is so soft and flexible. It never feels dry. It doesn't crack or look flaky.

Eye Pencil in White:
This pencil is beyond words. It is so smooth and highly pigmented. It glides on without tugging even the least bit. Not only does it make for a comfortable experience, but it also ensures a clean look.

If you have ever tried to use dry eye liner, you know how important this is. You don't want Morris Code eyes with "---" because the tugging creates gaps. And if you try to go over it it just smudges or gets too heavy and looks even worse.

That is never something you will endure with a Starlooks product. I love that even though it is creamy the pigment really shows up with one stroke. No need to try to build the color. That is especially important(and difficult to do) with a light color.

Super Satin Bronzer(Montego Bay):
In the summertime, bronzer is a must have. Unless you have a stunning, golden tan, you will need bronzer to give your face that color and glow of warmth. A pale, snow white face has no place in summer looks.

Even if you do have a tan, you will need bronzer. If you wear foundation, and then tan, you will either need a new shade of foundation(which is silly and impractical) or you can use the bronzer to blend with your normal foundation and still give the added color you need to look natural.

The healthy, vibrant glow is stunning. It looks natural and just slightly polished. you get just the tiniest hint of shimmer and satiny finish that really creates a smooth, soft, doll-like look.

It is so easy to apply, and it looks so much more natural than most bronzers which are too deep and very easy to over-apply or just look fake no matter how lightly you try to use them. This is great. It can be built up and it blends flawlessly. You never get the slapped in the face look that many create.

These three fantastic products are all perfect on their own, but when used together it creates a gorgeous, very natural look.

I created a look using the only these three products and some Starlooks lengthening Mascara (but nothing else[not even foundation]). I am so happy with how it came out.

I really love how the liners open up my miniscule eyes and makes them look larger, that is not an easy task.
The collective look is so simple and yet it makes me look so much more put together than normal. I could wear this look anywhere, just lounging at home, shopping or even out some place nice. I LOVE it. What do you think?
I showed how it looks with hair up and down since it can make a big difference. Some looks only work one way or the other, but this is both. That is great for me since I always wear my hair up, but when I do try to dress up or anything, I wear it down.

This box is so perfect since any or all of these items will come in handy every single day. I love to spice it up with flashy shades sometimes, but I LOVE my staples, and these are just magnificent versions of must have products.

And as if the cosmetics were not enough reason to love this box, it also came with a fun bonus item A super cute Peace button.
This is a fun accessory to decorate anything. From pinning it on your shirt to adorning a belt, necklace, bracelet, backpack or purse, it is so versatile.

All of these amazing products in one box. How much does it cost? How about only $15(plus $2.68 shipping)? Under $18 for all of these items, it is mind-blowing. You cannot get a better deal or better quality anywhere else.

Every woman should try Starbox at least once. In addition to the fabulous items, you also get the fun of a monthly gift and the excitement of surprise items and trying things you may not normally choose. Starbox is AMAZING, I cannot stress that enough.

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