Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nutrisystem Week 18 Update

Another fabulous(and busy) Monday, which means that it is time for my weekly Nutrisystem Update.

As hectic and slam-packed as Mondays are for me, I used to be among the many Monday haters. Just think Garfield, that was the old me. I think it is pretty safe to say, that I would still be that way, if not for Nutrisystem.

Not only do I look forward to Mondays now because I am excited to see(and share) my progress each week, but I also just feel better overall, in general. I used to be tired all the time. I would feel achy, slow and even depressed in my old heavier body.

Of course the emotional aspects played a huge role, but even physically, my body was suffering, and my everyday life was affected by it. Now, thanks to Nutrisystem, I have taken my happiness back, on Mondays and every day.

Being able to eat fair portions of great tasting food while watching the pounds and inches melt away is magical, and gives me such a wonderful feeling, not to mention having the weight literally lifted off my shoulders and my back and my legs, is indescribable.

Every day I get to have a delicious Nutrisystem breakfast along with a PowerFuel(which I choose a Protein Shake), A Grocery Add-in Morning Snack, A Nutrisystem lunch plus a Add-in SmartCarb, an Add-in Afternoon Snack, a Nutrisytem Dinner(plus a SmartCarb) AND a decadent Nutrisyetem Dessert.

As a matter of fact, As I type, I am currently enjoying a delicious Chocolately Pretzel Bar for dessert. It's INCREDIBLE!!

I love being able to eat so well. That is why I always failed on other diets. Nutrisystem makes it so easy, convenient and DELICIOUS to lose weight.

This week I lost...Drum-roll Please...

2.2 POUNDS and 2 INCHES!!!

That now puts my 18 week total to an incredible...

40.8 POUNDS and 19 1/2 INCHES!!

I never thought that I would really be able to lose 40+ pounds, not ever. To be able to do it in only 5 months is mind blowing.

Surpassing the 40lb lost mark earned me yet another Nutribear! I love those adorable little milestone reward. Just one more thing that sets Nutrisystem so far apart form other diet programs.

If you want to lose weight and get healthy, and have been considering Nutrisystem, I cannot encourage you enough to do so. It is so worth it. Just incest in your well-being and do it. I know you will be glad you did. I am each and every day.
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*Although I am receiving the Nutrisystem Success Program to facilitate my reviews, all opinions are 100% my own*

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