Saturday, June 8, 2013

Stok Quattro 4-Burner Grill Review & GIVEAWAY!!

Father's Day is just over a week away. Time is running out to find dad the perfect gift. When considering gift ideas, I always like to choose something that will really show dad how much you care. Splurge a bit if you can because it is his day, and it only comes once a year.

The best gift are the ones that will really be put to use and enjoyed over and over again. Every time he uses his gift, e will think of you and remember how special he is to you and how much you care to give him something that he loves.

To me, Father's Day Pretty much marks the start of Summer. Not only are the days very close on the calendar, but the weather is definitely on track with that.

Summertime and family togetherness go hand in hand. Children are out of school, daylight last well into the evening, the weather is warm and perfect for water fun, fishing, camping, parks, sports an of course, Barbecues.

Barbecues and Summertime go hand in hand, and nothing says family fun like a BBQ. Furthermore, a BBQ is the perfect place for dad to shine. The grill master always gets all the props(as it should be), and is king for the day.

While of course there are tons of men that are wonderful cooks, generally it is considered the woman's role. I think sometimes men tend to feel left out, like they are not a part of the action. So when they get behind the grill, have total control, and make a delicious meal that everyone loves, it makes them proud.

I know that is certainly the case where my hubby is concerned. He always says he does not know how to cook, and he never really wants to try(I guess he finds it intimidating), but he used to help his dad do the Gilligan growing up, so not only is that right in  his comfort zone, it also brings back nostalgic memories for him. He LOVES to grill.

We used to have an old kettle grill that was pretty beat up, but he still loved to grill, but when we moved here(over a year ago), we decided not to bring the clunker with us. Since it was winter when we moved, we did not replace it immediately, and then even into that summer, we still never did.

I knew exactly what I had to get him this year. A grill would be the best present he could get. I knew he would be thrilled.

I did not want just any old grill though. This gift is supposed to convey how much I appreciate everything he does for me and our children, and how much we appreciate him. It needed to be the best.

I wanted something grand. Something that was different, better, more special than the average grill, and I found just the thing. The Quattro 4 Burner Grill from Stok is everything I wanted and more.

Of course, I did not want to unveil my husbands gift as a box of assembled pieces, so I put it together first. It was so easy to do. I did it myself in about 45 minutes. It would have even been faster had I given myself more room to spread all the pieces out instead of trying to take the in and out of the box and more things around and such.

The directions were very clear and simple. Each step consisted of only one or 2 things, and it was so simple to follow. Physically, it was easy as pie too. All I really needed was a Phillips Head Screw Driver(and I used pliers[you could use a wrench] for a couple bolts).

Actually, the only thing I found even remotely difficult was that being outside in the Florida heat, the Stainless Steel was getting VERY hot, and I nearly burnt my hands off a few times, but that is in no way because off the grill itself.

If I can assemble this with no difficulty, then pretty much anyone can do it stress-free and fast.

The finished product is VERY impressive. It looks every bit as good as I had hoped it would and even better.

I love that is has the 4 separate burners, so that the heat level can be adjusted independently for cooking different foods. That is so convenient. I also really, really love the push button light feature. It makes it so easy. Just turn the knob to light, push the button and boom, fire.

Of course the aesthetics of these grill are flawless as well. I love the large profile and the super sleek clean look. The pops f orange really make this stand out more and look less dull and cold than most grills. The doors are especially attractive.

Another thing I really love is that the Quattro has  four free moving wheels so it glides effortlessly. Most other grills have only two free moving wheels and two fixed wheels, or even worse, only two wheels altogether where you have to tip the grill to move it. It has a locking mechanism on 2 of the wheels as well so you can keep in firmly in place when you want to.

As wonderful as all of these aforementioned features are, there is on aspect that really sets the Quattro apart. The insert system.

Each of the round plates lift out with the included insert removal tool(by hand too when they are not hot), so they can be replaced with alternate cooking surfaces. This grill even comes with 3 bonus inserts(in addition to the regular grill grate ones).

The Quattro comes with a Griddle Insert:

The Pizza Stone Insert:

And the Vegetable Tray:

You can also buy tons of inserts separately too. There are so many options, one for every type of cooking, turning your grill in to a multi-cooking powerhouse.

I got 5 additional insets so far, and there are still more available that I will probably get us in the future. So far we have an extra Vegetable Tray(since I am dieting, lots of veggies it a must):

The Cast Iron Smoker/Infuser:

Now we can have a delicious smoky flavor, even from the gas grill. It is so fabulous. 

The Stainless Steel Mesh Grilling Basket:

This is perfect for veggies, but is wonderful for any smaller items. Fruit would be perfect in here, and things like chunks of stew meat, shrimp, and more.

The Cast Iron Kettle:

I adore this kettle. Using a Cast Iron Kettle on a grill is so great. I cannot wait to make a Cajun boil in this.

And last but not least, the Chicken Roaster:

The Chicken Roaster is fabulous. It stands the chicken upright making it cook better and creates the perfect position to use a can in the rump ("beer in the butt") cooking method.

We did just that, and it was wonderful. We used a soda can(cleaned) and poured apple juice mixed with Mesquite seasoning inside and butter and mesquite seasoning on the outside. It was fabulous.

Hubby did a great job considering it was his first time roasting a chicken. It came out a little dark. I think the heat was a tad high, and dealing with the kiddos, it might have been cooking a bit too long, but it was so moist and juicy. The skin was crisp and delicious. Hubby loved it, and in spite of my diet I had a small but and it tasted wonderful.

His real are of mastery is steaks. He makes incredible steaks, especially since we use average cuts of meat.

His steaks really are incredible. Pictures do not do justice to how tender and juicy these are. I so wanted one, and even considered breaking my diet for it. It takes tons of will power to resist one of these beauties.

What I love the most about this grill is how much my husband loves it. He is so happy to cook on it, and is always thinking of what else he should grill. Now when we shop, he looks for things that will be good to grill.

I think this may be one of his favorite gifts ever. He is obsessed with it. I love seeing him so excited.

I can safely say that this might be one of the greatest Father's Day Gift Ideas EVER! Every guy needs to eat, and this grill can cook anything perfectly with all the fabulous inserts. And the pride and satisfaction he will get from cooking for his family is unmeasurable.

If you want to show the special dad in your life how much he really means to you, the Stok Quattro 4-burner Grill is perfect way to do it. And even better, it is really a gift to you(and the kids) as well since you will get to have the pleasure of enjoying all the fabulous food.

And because I know that there is no better gift for dad this Father's Day, Stok and I are giving all of you the chance to win a Quattro Grill of your own. Make dad's day extra unforgettable(or you can keep it for yourself).

Enter below for your chance to win. Good luck!

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

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  1. It looks like a fantastic grill. What is not to like?

  2. I love that is has 4 burners that can be independently controlled.

  3. I love that you can roast a chicken! I do it in the oven all the time but in the summer with no ac you dont want to even touch the stove!

  4. Everything! We don't have a grill so I would love to win this for my fiance~ Thanks doll!

  5. I love everything. Most importantly my husband would love it so that makes it perfect.

  6. 4 separate burners. with feeding 8-9 people with extremly different taste it would be great ot use all the different ones for different things then a little camp grill

  7. I love the fact that you can get those inserts. I really want to try it with the The Cast Iron Smoker/Infuser!

  8. I love that you can get all of the inserts and stuff! Awesome!

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  10. I love that it has 4 separate burners,and all the fabulous inserts.Very Nice Grill!

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  14. The answer to that question is Everything this Grill is Amazing! Absolutely Amazing! We BBQ on a little bitty junk gas grill we have to use charcoal in and the bottom is falling out now. This would be totally Awesome to win!!

    I Love IT!!!

  15. This would make a Great Fathers Day Gift!!

  16. Oh, my goodness -- where do I begin?? I think that my favorite part is the interchangeable inserts, and I especially love the pizza stone insert. We've tried homemade pizza on the grill a number of times before and haven't had much luck. I'd love to try it again on this one!

  17. I love that it has four wheels so that you can move it around. Space is always a premium, so it would be great for entertaining friends and then could be moved out of the way once the food was done.

  18. I love the idea of 4 burners. Heck, I just love the idea of a grill. Ours broke a couple of years ago & we've not replaced it.

  19. I think it's great. I'm amazed at everything it does. I especially like the burners can be control separately. Wow, I could grill on this baby. My husband would flip if we had one in our backyard. Thanks for the chance.

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