Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Give Dad the gift of Warrior Wear - Review & GIVEAWAY!!

Is your dad(or children's dad) a warrior? How does one characterize a warrior? My definition is a person who cares about others. A warrior fights for what they believe in and does whatever they can to help out.

Warriors are strong, dependable, generous, compassionate, honest, brave, and loving. Does that sound like the father(s) in your life? If so, then he must be a warrior.

With Father's Day, the day dedicated to showing your unmeasurable gratitude for everything he has done for you, quickly approaching, finding a gift worthy if him is very important. You want something as special as he is.

In my humble opinion, shopping for men is so much more difficult than shopping for women. Guys do love it when gifts are heartfelt and special, but they also tend to be more into items that are practical, whereas many women love perishable things like flowers or things that can sit on a shelf and look pretty.

Finding him a gift that is practical that he does not already have if not always the easiest task, and trying to make is something special as well is even more difficult. So what is a woman to do. Does one fall back on the age old tradition of gifting a tie that in all likelihood will never be worn?

Not exactly. I found a way to take a timeless gift and give it not only flair but heart as well.

My hubby has never really been a formal dresser, in fact, our wedding was probably the last time he wore a tie, and even then, it was rented with the suit.

I have wanted to get him a tie in the past, because I think it is important that he have one should he ever desire to wear it. I didn't want just any tie however, I wanted something unique and meaningful, and I did not want just a tie, I wanted something more.

With Ford Warriors in Pink, I found exactly what I wanted and more. The Warrior Inside Dress Shirt and 2012 Warrior Tie are not only distinct and trendy, but also have a deeper message.

I love that these coordinate perfectly without being overly matching. They look amazing together, and each will also make a wonderful statement on it's own as well. They are perfect for both formal and casual(unbuttoned shirt, loose[hanging] tie) looks as well which is great.

I love the special touches on these items as well. The Shirt pocket has the Warrior faces embroidered on it.

The tag also has the warrior faces, and the collar and the sleeves of the shirt have the warrior symbols printed inside, so they really pop when flipped out.

Tie has the Warrior Faces printed on it as well.

Small details are what makes the big differences, and these pieces are certainly different from anything else I could have chosen.

As I said, but husband very rarely dresses up. He also fancies himself a "manly man", so pink is not his favorite color by any means. In spite of that, I knew that he would love these items because of the incredible and deserving cause they support.

Warrior Wear Supports Breast Cancer. Donating 100% of net proceeds among 4 amazing organizations dedicated to ending breast cancer. Susan G. Komen For The Cure, Dr Susan Love Research Foundation, The Pink Fund The Young Survival Coalition are all supported thanks to Warrior Wear.

He was actually even more impressed than I had imagined he would be. He deeply thanked me for the gift, and I could just see all the emotion in his face. That look touched me so deeply, and it was like I had given myself a gift too.

It must have been fate that I got him this(especially early) because my dear husband has an interview on Thursday for a great job that he really wants, and he will need to be formally dressed. Had he not already had this, we would have had to buy him something, and it would have been far less special.

When he tried it on for me, I was blown away. He looks amazing in it, and I could tell he had a confidence boost just from putting it on(he is embarrassed of his teeth and does not smile for pictures, so please excuse that).

I just know he is going to knock it out of the park at his interview, and it will be the little push of the Warrior that helps him do it.

If you will be buying a gift for a warrior this Father's Day, there is no better gift to give than this stylish, high quality, inspiring Warrior apparel. If my casual hubby fell in love with it, then any man will.

And since everyone should be able to display their Warrior on their sleeve(pun intended), Warriors in Pink and I will be giving one lucky winner their choice of Warrior Wear items.

Warrior Wear has a great selection of women;s clothing and accessories as well as t shirts for men and of course, this lovely dress shirt and tie.

One lucky winner will have their choice of any one Warrior Wear item or the shirt & tie together (if they choose that) which I highly recommend. Enter below, good luck.

*Although I received these items at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own* a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I like the 2010 Warrior Argyle Tie.
    lyndadawinda1074 at yahoo dot com

  2. Outrageously Courageous Thermal and my husband is my warrior.

  3. My warrior would have to be my man who has stood by my side for the past 14 years. I really like the woman's swing tank top for me and I love the pink shirt and tie set.

  4. Tie and shirt is a good Father's Day gift.
    Love my dad.

  5. I like the 2010 Warrior Argyle Tie.my hubby is my warrior

  6. Outrageously Courageous Thermal

  7. My brother was my warrior, we just lost him in November, and he is dearly missed. The Warrior inside dress shirt is my favorite.

  8. I liked the striped tie. It would be for my husband. We lost my mother to Breast Cancer a couple of years ago.

  9. Love the women dress on you the most! Love Hush clothes, have a lot if the long vest tops and the harems which I love! You look lovely for your day today.here