Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kindness Kingdom Review & GIVEAWAY!!

Looking for fun ideas to keep kids busy this Summer? I know everyone is talking about getting outside and fun in the sun, and of course there will be tons of that, but what about inside fun?

Here in Florida, rain is pretty much a daily guarantee. Even when it's not raining, sometimes the heat is so intense that you literally risk heat stroke by being outside too much.

Aside from the rain, summer usually means later bedtimes, and there is not too much active, outside fun in the dark.

For those times, times when you want a calm, indoor, relaxing yet entertaining activity, what are your options? TV, that's not really an activity, and certainly not something you need to do all the time. Reading, that is fun, but very active for the whole family usually.

Board games? YES!! Who doesn't love boardgames? They are interactive, engaging, and great to play as a family. Not only that but they help kids learn about taking turns. What could be better?

What if a game could also teach other valuable qualities? Manners for instance. Well, with Kindness Kingdom it can!

Kindness Kingdom is quite simply, a game of manners. The objective is to get to Queen Grace's Tea Party.
You will run into some sticky situations along the way, and you will have to know the proper manners to use in each situation.

Depending on the symbol on the jewel that you land on, you choose a corresponding card which will have a manners question and 3 possible choices.
If you answer the question correctly, you earn a charm for your "bracelet."
You need to complete your charm bracelet and make it through each of the 8 kingdoms before finally reaching the castle.

Not only is this game fun and very original just in terms of how it is played, the added reward of picking up real-life values that your children will use throughout their lives.

Although this game focuses on princesses and tea parties and is geared a little more toward girls, boys can enjoy it too. My nearly 6 year old Autistic son LOVES it.

He actually seems to have a fascination with tea parties and such even before playing this game, but to kids, a fun game is a fun game even if the characters are not ones that represent them personally.

I love that my son gets so excited about manners, and he really tries to use them whenever applicable. He is always so proud of himself when he gets the answer right, and his confidence is so heartwarming.

I can't wait until my daughter gets older so she can play too. This game is so wonderful. Perfect for any little girl. With Kindness Kingdom, the rainy day blues are a thing of the past. Since this is 2-4 players, it is great for siblings to play together, or a parent and child, the whole family, or even play-dates.

No matter who plays, it sure to be a blast. I even enjoyed it. Such a cute game.

If you think this game sounds fun, you're in luck, because you have the chance to win a copy. One lucky winner will receive their very own copy of Kindness Kingdom. Enter below. Good luck!

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*


  1. What's the best way to ask Mom a question when she's talking on the phone? :)

  2. What's the best way to teach kids from nagging for junk food at the supermarket?

  3. this would be fabulous.. we aer trying to teach our 2 yr old all of the manners. pls & thx... excuse me.. how to wait/interrupt would be helpful!

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