Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DormCo Rolling Underbed Cart Review & GIVEAWAY!!

When you hear the name DormCo your mind probably goes to the natural thoughts of college dorms and product for such. You probably even think that(if you are not in college) that you would not have use for the items sold at such a place.

Well you would be correct to assume that DormCo sells items to make the most of Dorm life, but if you think not being in college would mean you have no need for their products, you would be very wrong.

DormCo sells MANY products that are not only great for dorm life but also immensely helpful in everyday home life as well. As a matter of fact, I just got the Rolling Underbed Cart and it is wonderful.

This cart is awesome. It is effortless to assemble, requiring only 8 screws. The directions are even printed on the inside of the label, but it is so easy you could do it without them.
I had it together in under 5 minutes. So simple.

The finished product is very nice It is actually even a little large than I imagined it, which is great.
Of course this cart is perfect for helping to store more in the limited space that a dorm room allows, but it is ideal to make the most out of any space.

I don't know about you, but I can never have enough space. I have way too much stuff, and no matter how much I get rid of or how much storage I implement, I can always use more space. Anything that can help me store things out of the way is a huge asset.

Even if you do not have a ton of stuff, you probably have things that can make your home look a little cluttered or take up more space than you'd like. If you have lots of books or magazines that may sit out on coffee tables or shelves taking up room and giving a disheveled look to your ho,e just use the Rolling Underbed Cart to store them neatly out of sight.

Anyone that has beds with space underneath, probably puts things under there at least on occasion. Have you ever wished that you can use all of that empty space without having everything just crammed under there, disorganized and impossible to get to? With the Rolling Underbed Cart, you can.

Since it is on wheels, you can push the cart as far underneath as you want, and not have to worry about the items being difficult to reach. You could use more than one and get a very large amount of storage space just underneath one bed. I bet you could fit four of these carts under king sized bed, think of all the room that would save you.

Unfortunately for me, our king sized bed sits directly on the ground(the box spring) so there is no room to store anything underneath. I wish there was and I know it would be full of these carts if there was a way to do it. Our son has a Race Car bed, so it too has no space underneath, again robbing up of room for 2 carts worth of storage space.

Thankfully though, I do have the opportunity to take advantage of this fabulous cart on one of the rooms. My daughter in currently still in a crib, which thankfully is raised and has space underneath, just enough to use the Rolling Underbed Cart.

It actually works out very well too, because I can store all her diapers, training pants, wipes, cream and more in there, stuff that I used to keep atop her dresser making it very cluttered.
Look how much I can get into this. About a box and a half of diapers, a whole pack of sleep pants, baby wipes and rash cream and TWO fairly large kids blankets. I could probably even get another blanket and/or more diapers or something in here. Tons of room.

It fits under her crib perfectly and looks very neat and tidy.
I love how organized everything stays and how easily this rolls out for quick, easy, one handed access. Storing diapers neatly was always a huge hassle for me. Now they are out of the way, but still right where I can get to them in a hurry. If I could only use it fr diapers I would still be thrilled, but this can hold anything and everything.

I think I even have room for another cart if I push this one all the way to the side, so I am totally going to do that.I can store her other blankets and/or extra clothes, toys or whatever I want. I love these things.

You might think it is strange that I am so excited over a storage solution, but if you ever saw my home, you'd understand. And if 1(or 2) under a crib is impressive, imagine taking advantage of all the underbed space in your home. If I had the ability to use my bed and my sons, we could store so much. If/when we get different beds, that will be the first thing I do.

If you are looking for a way to get/keep your home organized then I strongly recommend the Rolling Underbed Cart from DormCo. It is everything you could want.

Easy to assemble, large with a great amount of storage space, free rolling wheels for effortless retrieval, durable construction and material, easy to clean, sleek style, and super affordable. I cannot think of anything that could make this any better(except the ability to magically penetrate beds directly on the floor).

Seriously, stop wasting all the space under your beds, visit and pick up one(or more) of these amazing carts.

And since I want everyone to have one, DormCo and I are going to give you all a chance to win one. One lucky winner will get their very own Rolling Underbed Cart. Enter below. Good luck.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

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