Monday, January 10, 2022

In With the New

The past few years have been so rough on us all. While we are still not even close to being past the pandemic or it's lasting effects, we have sort of accepted that we cannot simply pause our lives and wait for it to pass. While our family is still being very cautious about social isolation, life within our home needs to resume as close to normalcy as possible.

We are working on a few new home renovations, including a storage shed for the abundance of clutter we seem to have accumulated over the past few years. Additionally, in the midst of a global health crisis and a prolonged cultural limbo, my children have grown a lot. Until now, we have not done much to mark this growth. 

We decided to re-decorate their bedrooms, a small gesture to celebrate who they are now, and how they have matured. It is wild to see my little princess go from pink and fluffy everything to rock band posters, but it also makes me proud. (Thank goodness she has my great taste in music.) My son is now in high school, so many changes for him as well. This room revamp is so long overdue.

As great as a fresh coat of paint is to revitalize a room, I recently found these fantastic wall murals from Astek Home. The kids are both over the moon to have such a distinct statement piece on their walls, and I love them so much that we are considering one for the master bedroom as well. 

Though we still have much to endure, this feels like a small step toward a fresh start. And, for now, that's all we can do. One step at a time, toward a more hopeful tomorrow.

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