Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Personal Injury - You're Not Alone

I don't know how many of you know, but my husband got injured at work. Actually he's been seriously injured at work twice, both requiring a surgery on top of physical therapy and such. But the second time it was more serious. He injured cervical disks, causing them to apply pressure to his spinal cord.

While he had a fusion done, his mobility and endurance has been forever impaired. And he is at increased risk of re-injury. That makes his line of work dangerous for him. And the job that allowed him to get hurt in this way (by having him preform unsafe tasks, after he told them what he thought would happen and after others had gotten injured from the same task) refused to allow him to return to his job.

So he was out of work, with less ability to get a job in his area of expertise because of the limitations he contracted from that job. Not only that, but the company just gets to keep subjecting the other employees to those conditions. We decided to reach out to an attorney, because we knew it was unjust.

He does have a case, and the attorney is working on a suit. While money does not make up for anything that happened to him, it will help with the our bills, while he works on getting into a new field of employment. And more importantly than that, the company needed to face some sort of consequences for their disregard for employee safety. While just writing a check may not be the justice the deserve, it will hopefully make them realize that they need to change some things, lest they get sued again.

It is so important, when you are injured, whether it be in an auto accident, at work, due to medical negligence, slip & fall or another capacity where it was caused by someone else's actions or inaction, that you contact an attorney. The firm we used handles primarily workman's comp cases, but Kinney, Fernandez & Boire handle a myriad or personal injury cases. They also have six offices in Florida, so it should be fairly easy to find a convenient location.

The most important step is to get informed. To reach out to an attorney, find out what your options are, and don't let people get away with causing injury to you or anyone. Also, your attorneys will explain this, I'm sure, but don't settle for whatever crumbs they offer right off the bat. In my husbands case, his attorney made the first offer, as I assume is customary, and the first counter offer was appallingly low in comparison.

It made us so mad, not just because it is an insult to him and his suffering, but because there are so many people that are in need and vulnerable. Some people would just take anything, just to keep surviving, and that is so heartbreaking. And as horrible as it is, the guilty parties usually care at all about the victims. They don't want to actually make it right, they just want to get away as unscathed as possible. The only way to really make them feel it is to make them pay for it literally.

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