Friday, December 20, 2019

How to Have An Epic 4/20 Party

Every year, thousands of smokers around the world get together on the 20th of April to celebrate a cultural phenomenon unlike any other: 4/20. While the origins of this celebration are subject to much dispute, it’s largely celebrated in the same way—by smoking a ton of cannabis. How people decide to achieve this end varies from group to group. We here at EF420 are experts when it comes to all things cannabis consumption. Over the years, we’ve gathered a few tips and tricks to throwing the most epic 4/20 party imaginable. Let us walk you through what it takes to throw the best party when the 20th of April rolls around next spring.


Invitations are key. In the digital age of Facebook invites and group-chats, the art of sending out a beautiful and intriguing invitation has pretty much been relegated to weddings and up-scale fundraising events. Think of your next 4/20 as the perfect opportunity change things around. Get creative with it! Use flashy paper and vibrant colors! Don’t be afraid to make it your own. And of course, the customary weed leaf on the front cover is always an appreciated feature on any 4/20 invitation.


Think competitions

What’s a little bit of competition among friends? The whole year long you’ll hear people you
know bragging about being the best roller, or making the best edibles, Etc. Well, we think it’s
time you all put those claims to the test. Organize a number of friendly games that will put
those questions to an end for good. Here’s a short list of a few different contests you can have at your next 4/20 party:
  • Rolling competition: this includes both speed rolling, and style. For an added bonus, have a competition to see who can roll the most creative joints! (I.e. cross-joints, twisters, tulips, etc.)    
  • A bong making contest: the parameters of such a competition are entirely up to you. Do the bongs have to be made out of fruit? Do they need to be made out of scraps found around the house? The choices are seemingly endless. See who can make the most creative bong—that also packs the hardest punch!
  • Best edibles contest: have any friends that claim to have the perfect recipe for the perfect edible? Put their claims to the test by having them bring a batch to your epic 4/20 party. Who better to judge their treats than a group of seasoned stoners?


Every decent 4/20 party needs a decent set of decorations. Think of something visually stimulating to put up on the walls. Holographic posters, streamers, beads—basically anything with a weed leaf on it. Also, consider putting up lights to create a lovely ambience for all those in attendance. 4/20 themed cups and plates are also always a welcome addition.

Different smoking paraphernalia

Be prepared for your guests by making sure you have a wide variety of tools for them to smoke from! Different people always have different tastes when it comes to which piece they prefer to smoke from. Be sure to put out all of our different glass pieces for your party-goers to use. If you don’t have an abundant selection of pieces yourself, arrange to have your friends bring theirs and crowdsource a varied collection for everyone to use. Some pieces to include are: Traditional bongs, hand pipes, bubblers, long neck bongs, vaporizers, an assortment of rolling papers and even a few different flavors of blunt wraps!


You’ve gotta have the right kind of music at your 4/20 party. Some music just isn’t conducive to smoking up. Make sure you have an equal distribution of mellow tracks, trance music and all the old smoking classics. Don’t discount all that wonderful psychedelic music from the late 60’s—put it in the mix!

Old stoner comedies

Depending on the kind of party you’re planning on having, picking out some of your favorite 4/20 comedies is a great way to get together and have a few laughs at your party. For a more laid-back approach, put together a list of three or four of your all-time favorite stoner flicks and spend the night sitting around, enjoying a multitude of different strains, and enjoying some good company.

There you have it—everything you need to focus on to make your 4/20 party a smashing success.

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