Friday, December 20, 2019

Sticky Trap Review

Living in Florida has many pros and cons. Some of the positive aspects are that there are really no earthquakes or blizzards, that it is close to the ocean, and there are some nice attractions nearby (like Disney World.) There are also many negative aspects. There are hurricanes. It is almost always hot, even in the winter months. Along with heat and rain, comes other pests, like mosquitoes and other bugs.

I always feel embarrassed talking about it, even though it is very common around here. We have problems with bugs. The ground under our home was apparently not treated for ant before construction, so we have ants sometimes. They go in spurts, so they will be inside every day for two weeks, no matter how many you kill, and then they will go away for awhile, to return when you fall into a false sense of security.

And, even worse than the ants, there are roaches. They even live outside, like the ants, so it's hard to get rid of them. The heat and humidity is what they thrive on, I guess, so Florida is heaven for them. Having roaches in my home is something that I will never be comfortable with. I don't care how common it is, it makes me feel gross. So I do everything I can to combat them.

I just recently found a new tool to aid me in this fight. Happy Cornerz Sticky Traps are such a big help. I prefer traps to sprays and such, because traps can, hopefully, get roaches before you even see them, where with spray you have to wait to see one. Plus sprays smell bad, and get a nasty residue on everything.

The only main problem with traps is that they are not a good fit for all areas. That is, before now. Happy Cornerz is great. The sheets can be used in full, as a large sheet. That is perfect for sliding underneath a refrigerator or oven. You can break it into three, smaller, flat traps. Or, you can use the center piece as a corner trap.

I love this option. It can be use in upper lower corners or upper corners in any room or in cabinets, drawers, and more. Anything with a corner. That is awesome. Upper areas are almost always off limits for bug traps, so I am really intrigued by this.

Another thing that I really like about these traps is that they don't smell bad. In fact, there is a faint, sort of fruity scent that is actually quite pleasant. It is not something that any visitors to your home would notice, and certainly not something that would be offensive or off-putting at all. That is such a great change of pace from those pray insecticides. Those smell very strong and very unpleasant.

They are very easy to place. I love the versatility. I will be using them in multiple ways, all over our home. I have just placed one in the corner of our master bathroom, and I recorded it so you guys can see how easy it is, and I am going to check on it in a week or two to see the results. I am going to do another video (or update this one) with the results.

I never really thought I would care so much about bug traps, but I hate bugs, and these could make my home feel much more comfortable for my family and for any guests that we may have. If they work as I anticipate, it will save me a lot of time and headaches. I love that they are safer than those sprays, that can get in the air and all over everything. My kids have ended up stepping in, or touching the spray residue, which is dangerous to them. 

Another thing I already love is that the corner design makes it so that you don't have to see the bugs. As I mentioned before, I get embarrassed at the thought of bugs in my home, and I would be mortified if I had a person come to visit me and see dead bugs lying around. I just really like that it's so discreet. If someone saw it, you could probably even say it was an innovated new type of air freshener or something. It really doesn't look bad at all. The white color really works well.

Happy Cornerz Sticky Traps are priced very reasonably, as well. When it comes to removing pests from my home, price is not that much of a concern, but it is still nice when an effective product is priced low enough that almost anyone can afford to use it.

Really, these Happy Cornrz Sticky Traps are just exactly what I have been wanting. Easy to use (even if I did a poor job placing mine), affordable, safe, long lasting, and multi purpose, in the fact that are effective for so many different kinds of pests. Not just ants and roaches, but also flies, spiders, bed bugs, wasps, and even mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are the bane of my existence. I hate them. They hate me. I can't wait to catch all those evil little vampires. They picked the wrong house, now.

But really, these sticky traps are very promising, so far, and I am going to place a few more around the house later on. I'm going to keep an eye on them (while actually also kind of ignoring them, which is part of the appeal of these fabulous contraptions), and see how well they do the job. I'll be back with after photos and another video (or an updated video) showing the results from the sticky trap that I placed in the master bathroom.

I can't wait to see the results. I bet it is going to gross me out, but, at the same time, it will feel so good to know that all those awful creatures will no longer be roaming free in my home. Until next time, be well.

*Although I received the product at no cost, as well as payment for this post, all opnions are 100% my own.*

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