Saturday, January 11, 2020

Nadine West - 9th Shipment

It's my favorite time of the month, once again. The time to check out my latest shipment from Nadine West. This is my first shipment of the new year. Nothing starts a year of right like new clothes. This shipment has a few less items than usual, for some reason, but it is still quite nice.

So, I am still getting primarily long sleeves, since it is still winter in most states. The first top is a long, puffy, sleeved green shirt. It has a high neck and and hits high on the waist. I prefer longer shirts that come down to bottom level, since my tummy is my biggest insecurity. But this top is still cute and I will wear it sometimes.

Next is another long sleeved top. This one is thinner fabric, longer (which I love) and has a cute criss-cross pattern on the neckline, which is a v-neck. The gray color is great, nice and neutral, but not too dark or drab. I love it.

Next is a dress. A fabulous burgundy color. I think my stylist made note that I like burgundy, because I got a burgundy dress last time too. But this one has 3/4 sleeves and is more flowy, like a tunic. That is exactly how I will wear it, too. I feel more comfortable if my dress has leggings underneath. This dress even has pockets! Nadine West is great about that, actually. Most things I get have functional pockets.

On to bottoms. The first pair is these stretch "sweat pant" jeans. I adore this material. They are soft, and warm and stretchy. Super comfortable, while still looking nicer than sweat pants. They are super cute.I got a pair similar to this before and I live in them. The other ones have buttons, these don't, so they will be smoother underneath the shirts.

I also got these fabulous light blue stretch denim skinny jeans. I have capris like this from an early shipment and I adore them. I love these because I can wear them and get a similar style to the capris even when my legs are not shaved, lol. The are super comfortable, too.

That's all for the clothing pieces. But before we move on to jewelry, I'll show you the outfit pairings I put together from these clothes. It's all super versatile this shipment.

Last, but not least, is jewelry. Only one piece this time, but it might just be my favorite one I've ever gotten from Nadine West. And I've had many great pieces. This locket-style necklace looks like a dream catcher. I love it so much. It is big and bold, but not at all tacky or cheap looking. Gorgeous!

And, lastly, I will again show you how one of these looks on a real, very flawed, body. I went with the blue skinny jeans and the gray top. Here it is.

So. Another great Nadine West shipment is in the books. I can't wait for the next one. It will probably still arrive later in January. I love when I get two in the same month. I will, of course, be right back to share it with you all. In the meantime, you should order one for yourself. No fees. No commitment. Only pay for what you keep. And the prices are super affordable. No more than you'd pay at Target or somewhere. You can't lose.

*Although I receive these shipments at no cost, to facilitate my reviews, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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