Friday, January 24, 2020

(Thigh) High Fashion

Hello lovelies. I just realized that I have been writing a lot about fashion lately. Today will be no different, because I am super excited about my new fashion discovery. I am currently obsessed with Long Thigh High Socks. They are so cute. They have this "varsity" look that I am really into lately. I've been stocking up on varsity style jackets and sweaters, too - more than I will ever need in Florida.

But, back to these socks. They are so cool. They look awesome with dresses and skirts, but even with shorts. Perfect for when you want something higher than a knee-high sock, but you don't want full tights. They just add so much pizazz to an outfit.

Not only are these socks cute, comfortable, functional, and affordable, they are also made in the USA and guaranteed Fur Free. Chrissy's Knee High Socks has an animal friendly policy that shows just how much they prides themselves on high-quality, American made products, made with animal-safe, sustainable materials.

If you are looking for a fun accessory to add flair to any outfit, these long thigh high socks would be perfect. You're going to buy socks anyway, what not choose ones that pull double duty and act as a fun accessory too? And when you do buy these adorable socks, I want to see the fabulous outfits you put together. Please share in the comments. Have a beautiful day.

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