Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Why Dental Implants are a Great Option to Replace Missing Teeth

Dentists recommend dental implants to replace missing teeth. Some dental professionals even recommend that you get dental implants to prevent future decay and other tooth problems. However, finding a dentist you can trust to install dental implants can be more of a challenge than you might think. You may get the best dental implants in Lexington through referrals and research. Dental implants look more natural and are better than dentures and bridges if you have a missing tooth.

Here are some reasons why dental implants are a great option to replace missing teeth.


1. They function just like natural teeth

Dentures and bridges lack normal functioning, stability, and form that dental implants provide. The dental implant has a root and crown above the gum that looks and functions like natural teeth. The root is fixed on your jaw and anchored on the jaw by a porcelain crown to ensure that it functions just like natural teeth.

2. Versatility

Dentures and bridges can be problematic especially if they accidentally slip or slide in the mouth. With dental implants, they are crown-topped hence such accidents can be avoided. Again, you may also use the implant structure as an anchor for dentures and bridges to avoid sliding. There is much functionality of the dental implants and your dentist will recommend the best option for you.

3. Easy to maintain

Dental implants are cleaned just like you clean normal teeth. You may also floss to maintain good oral hygiene. They do not require tedious maintenance procedures like dentures which have to be removed at night for cleaning. Dentures and bridges also sometimes require overnight soaking to thoroughly clean them, and that can be a bit too involving, and most people do not appreciate that.

4. Cost-effective

Considering the consistency in functionality, and satisfaction that you get from dental implants, you will get value for your money. Proper care for the implants ensures that they last for a long time. Some people maintain dental implants for a lifetime. A professional dentist will recommend and advise you on good oral hygiene and proper care of your dental implants. To understand more about the cost-effectiveness, you may compare the cost of dentures and bridges and maintenance procedures too.

5. Helps maintain healthy gums and other teeth in place

Teeth support each other, so when there’s a missing tooth, the neighboring teeth may loosen up and slide into the gap. The alignment of your teeth becomes crooked; hence you will not maintain your beautiful smile. Dental implants also help to prevent snag, thereby ensuring there are no spaces for bacteria to breed and cause gum disease or tooth decay.

6. Jaw health and strength support

If you want to maintain a young-looking face structure, then you should ensure that your jaw remains strong. When you have a missing tooth, the jawline shrinks making your face structure change too. But with dental implants that are made of titanium, they will fuse with the jawbone to offer more support to your teeth and the facial structure too.

Maintaining good oral health has many benefits. Whether you are doing it for cosmetics, or you simply want to replace a missing tooth, seek professional advice from a Dentist In batavia. You will gain more confidence when you restore your beautiful smile.

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