Monday, May 4, 2020

How to Watch Thousands of Hours of TV and Movies for Free

Sometimes we have to find ways to cut back on our spending, whether it’s because an unexpected bill has landed at our feet or because we’re saving up for a special occasion. Regardless of the reason, it means we have to find areas to reduce or completely stop spending money each month.

For many, a TV package is a significant expense. According to the Motley Fool, the average
American spends $96.18 every month on a cable TV package. Since most only watch around 11 of the almost 200 channels they get for that month, they’re actually paying $8.74 for each
channel that they watch every day.

This presents a really easy way to slash your spending since it is possible to get streaming services that offer up the same and similar content for much less. Many also offer free trials, so if you use one after the other you can get a lot of TV without spending any money. You can still get them on your big screens too using devices like Google’s Chromecast or the Amazon Fire range.

Watch Esports for Free

Esports have become incredibly popular in recent years, with some sources saying that more than 1 billion people watch esports competitions worldwide. They are essentially competitive video game leagues and tournaments, with huge brands like Intel, the NBA, Red Bull, and Dell all investing in esports.

You can watch a lot of esports and individual gamers on streaming platforms like Twitch, with live esports matches taking place all the time and plenty of replays and highlights available too.

Twitch also carries a lot of poker content, with both live and online tournaments streamed through its service. Poker fans can find even more coverage of live events and other special programming from PokerStars TV.

Watch Disney Movies for Free

Disney has decided to go it alone with its streaming service instead of relying on the biggest players like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. It launched its Disney+ service in several countries recently and offers a free trial to new customers.

The trial only lasts 7 days so you should start it when you know you will be able to take advantage of it for the following week. You’ll then have access to classic films like Beauty and the Beast, as well as more recent releases like Toy Story 4.

Watch Broadway Shows for Free

The average cost of a Broadway show is over $100, and that doesn’t include concessions, travel or any other costs you may incur. Thankfully, you can watch them for free when using the BroadwayHD free trial.

Like the Disney+ trial, it only lasts 7 days, so be sure to plan ahead before you use it. Once signed up, you’ll have access to hours of Broadway classics, critically acclaimed shows, and even remakes of famous Shakespeare plays.

Watch British TV Shows and Films for Free

While not everything produced for British TV screens translates well for American and international audiences, a lot of it becomes a hit around the world. Shows like Downton Abbey and Doctor Who are loved by millions of people across the globe.

To capitalise on this, British TV companies ITV and the BBC have joined forces to create BritBox, a streaming service dedicated to British films and TV shows. Sign up today and you get a 30-day free trial, plenty of time to binge-watch Peep Show, Friday Night Dinner, and Plebs.

Watch Thousands of TV Shows and Films for Free

Then there are, of course, the more generalised streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. They each offer a month’s free trial for you to watch anything in their extensive libraries at no extra cost.

They each have large collections of licensed content from major studies with films like Inception and TV shows like Family Guy. They’re all investing in their own programming too, with hit shows like Orange is the New Black, The Man in the High Castle and House of Cards all being original productions from these platforms.

You will eventually exhaust all of these free trials, but when you do the monthly cost of even a few of these combined will be significantly less than the average cost of cable TV, meaning you’ll be saving money way into the future.

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