Saturday, January 2, 2021

Natural Beauty With Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny

There is going to be tons of talk about resolutions in the next week or maybe month. I always pick the same one. Weight loss. But I wanted to do something different this year and make another one that would be easier to keep. Not just easier to keep, easier to do in general. Even if you stick to a hard resolution, it's still hard. But there are simple things that you can do that can also have a positive impact on you and on the world.

So, one of the things I wanted to start with is using better products. That's an easy one. Natural products are not only better for me, they are better for the environment. And, also, buying from smaller companies or sales consultants helps support real people instead of greedy corporations. So it's a win win.

I've recently found a few really good natural products that I am really excited about. First is Schmidt's Natural Deodorant. I love the Rose and Vanilla scent the most, but they have a wide variety of scents. They are all aluminum free. I have always stayed away from natural deodorant, because I had a few tries where the product didn't work well for me. This one is very effective. It keeps me smelling good all day. It's a keeper.

Another must have in my newly evolving beauty repertoire is Monsuir Lemongrass and Ginger body scrub. It's really strange that I fell so deeply in love with the scrub, because I am not the biggest fan of either lemongrass or ginger as far as scents go. Somehow, though, it doesn't matter. I adore this product. It makes my skin feel amazing and the scent is actually quite pleasing. And it's affordable, as natural products go.

My absolute favorite natural product I have found so far would have to be Moroccan Magic Lip Balm. It is so silky smooth, buttery, velvety. And word you can think of to describe the softest thing to ever grace your lips, that is what Moroccan Magic is. It never feels sticky, even if it is "drying out". It stays on for a long time, but it also soaks in, absorbing into your lips so that their health and moisture actually improve. I never go to sleep without applying this lip balm first. It really is a fifteen out of ten.

Though I have found several great natural items already, it was my resolution to make the switch almost entirely. That means that I have a lot more products to replace. Thankfully I just learned of Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny.

Not only does she provide reviews of natural and organic beauty products, her site is also a shop, so that the products can all be purchased easily, all in one place. It is so convenient. As I already mentioned, I need to replace a lot of staple items, still. So instead of searching for one place for my hair care needs and another for my cosmetics and my fragrance somewhere else, I can easily find a ton of great choices, backed by knowledgeable research and reviews. It's almost too easy to even be a resolution at this point.  But after the year I had (we all had, probably) in 2020, I'll take a fail proof resolution.

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