Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Uncertain Times

The world we are living in today is a very turbulent place. There has been so much unrest and uncertainty and a lot more stress and hardship than anyone should have to face in such a short amount of time. It can be very scary. It can be hard to know what to do or where to turn and a lot of people are searching for any means of feeling safe or having a sense of control. 

I have always found that in difficult times it is best to lean on those close to you. And to, in turn, support them, as well. There is a very rare kind of strength that comes from knowing that no matter what else is going on n the world around you that the bonds that you share with others are too strong to be changed. It is like a beacon; a constant reminder of the fact that there are things you can always control, even when you feel powerless to change other things.

Of course, just loving those who love you, and loving everyone who is not out to harm you, even strangers, while very powerful, is sometimes not enough to give rest to an uneasy mind. Sometimes it takes other symbols. Sometimes you need a safety net. Be it self defense classes, survival training, a home security system, or any other physical asset that can help you feel protected.

I know that right now I see a lot of people starting to buy or consider buying weapons. Guns, mainly. That is not something I would choose, for a few reasons. One I would worry more about my children's safety, for fear of accidents. Also I have always felt that if I had to take another life to save my own that I would rather just let it happen, since I would not want to live with something like that on my conscience.

I am in no way judging those that do seek that as a safety measure or any personal choice in general. As long as they are not our using it as a threat, it is absolutely a valid choice for others. And it is, after all, a one of the rights set for us in the constitution.

The most important thing of you do chose a gun for protection is safety. That means doing research and making sure you know how to handle it safely, before you start handling it regularly. And it also means storing it safely and carrying it in a safe way. That doesn't mean tucked down the back of your jeans. It means an actual holster, designed to hold a gun safely. We The People Holsters is a good place to find that. And quick side not, they also have apparel and accessories. Like this Marine Corps Tumblr. Hubby was in the Marines.

Whether you opt for a gun, another weapon, security system, defense training, survival skills, keeping closer to your loved ones, or any other of countless ways to find a sense of security and hope in these trying times, what really matters is that you never forget that things can get better. They can always get better and it is up to us to not only keep that knowledge in our minds, but to actually work together, as a country, and a planet, to achieve that. It doesn't come by accident, it takes actions. Positive actions.

Be the change you want to see. And Keep the faith.

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