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Hair Units - Things You Should Know

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If your hair is thinning or going bald in certain places, a hair unit might be the best option for you. However, there are some important things you should know about this attachment before getting one. So, without further ado, let's get right to it.


What Is A Hair Unit Anyway? 

A hair unit, also known as a man weave, is a modern attachment designed for people with hair loss problems. It can be made from either real or synthetic hair. 

What Are The Benefits of Getting This Attachment? 

Things like alopecia and pattern baldness aren't fun, especially if you are still quite young. We all consider baldness as a sign of ageing. Going bald at a young age definitely doesn't help matters. With a wig unit, you can cover up any signs of hair loss. This will help you feel more confident about yourself when you interact with other people. 

Human Vs Synthetic Attachments 

Different people will require different types of wig units. Most of them are made from either synthetic or human hair. Each type has different advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them: 

Human Attachment Advantages

Looks Natural
These kinds of units are made of human hair (obviously). This means that your wig will have a more natural feel and look.

These wigs can be dyed, curled, straightened, or permed. However, it is advised that you consult your stylist before trying anything. A stylist will be able to show you the most effective and efficient methods of styling this kind of wig.

This type of wig is a lot more durable than its counterpart. It can last up to three times the lifespan of synthetic wigs. Different Textures This kind of unit comes in various textures. This makes it easier for you to find a perfect match for your real hair. Visit to learn more.


Difficult To Maintain 
These wigs come with the same hassles attached to having natural hair. You have to wash, re-style, and condition it regularly to keep it in healthy condition. 
This type of wig can get damaged easily from brushing and using certain styling tools. Always consult a stylist before attempting anything like this. 
Even though you may find a wig with the same texture as your hair, it doesn't mean it will be a matching color. The chances of finding a wig that matches perfectly with your hair's color are very low. 
Since it comes from genuine human hair, this kind of unit tends to be a lot more expensive than synthetic wigs. 
Human hair feels noticeably heavier than synthetic. However, this may not be a problem for some people. 
Affected By Weather 
These types of units can get limp, dry, or frizzy depending on what kind of weather you have in your area. Click here to learn more. 

Synthetic Wig Advantages 

Easy Maintenance 
Unlike its counterpart, synthetic wigs are easy to style and maintain. They also maintain their style and original shape even after being washed. 
Synthetic units have a ton of different colors for you to choose from. This can be a great option for you if you want to try something different.

More Affordable
This unit costs significantly less than its counterpart. This is a better choice for those on a budget. 
Not Affected By Weather 
Unlike its counterpart, synthetic units retain their original style and shape in different weather conditions. 


Can't Be Dyed 
It's not advisable to attempt dyeing this type of unit. Regular dyes don't stick to the wig's fibers. On top of this, the chemicals can ruin the wig. 
Unnatural Look 
This one depends on the quality of synthetic wig being used. Lower-quality synthetic wigs often give off an unnatural shine. 
Short Lifespan 
Synthetic wigs have a much shorter lifespan than human attachments. 
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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can Women Get These Attachments As Well? 
Don't let the term “man weave” throw you off. Women can also use these attachments to help with hair loss conditions. 
Will Any Surgery Be Required When Getting This Attachment? 
Contrary to what some people think, installing this attachment does not involve any surgery. 
How much Does A Wig Unit Cost? 
The price of a wig unit depends on the type, style, and quality. However, units tend to cost anything between $200 and $700. It could end up being much more than this if you want to go for something like a dreadlock unit. 
How Long Do Units Last? 
This depends on the type of wig and how it was maintained. Synthetic units can stay for up to 4 weeks before needing complete replacement. On the other hand, if you have a human attachment and maintain it well, you can expect it to last up to 4 months or even longer. How Long Does It Take To Fix? The length of time it takes to fix greatly depends on the kind of unit that is being used. However, the average time is between 1 and 3 hours. 



Overall, wig attachments are great for enhancing your look. These attachments can greatly benefit those suffering from pattern baldness. Keep in mind that there are different types of wig units. Each one has different pros and cons. However, if well maintained, you can expect them to last.

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