Monday, February 1, 2021

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Welcome to the 2021 Valentine's Day Gift Guide!! I am very excited about the wonderful items that are included this year. 




Plush toys are always a staple for children's gifts, especially on Valentine's Day. There are always an abundance of bears and love bugs and whatever other heart themed animals. But Mixaroo is so much more. This is the perfect soft, cuddly friend to stay by their side the whole year. Not only is it a companion, it is a exercise in creativity. 
With removable ears, tails, hair, etc, the toy can be customized to the child's taste. And since they are velcro, it is easy to change it as often as the mood strikes. This toy is seriously adorable. It's one of my favorites this year. 

Big Feelings Pineapple

I think I just really love customizable toys. This darling pineapple has all the fun and nostalgia of Mr Potato Head, but re-imagined. It really puts a focus onto the feelings, so it is as much a learning opportunity as it is a great time.

I really love this because my son is on the autism spectrum, so he struggles with picking up feelings in others and also with expressing his own feelings. With Big Feelings Pineapple, he can learn to recognize the way emotions present in expressions. My son and my daughter both love this toy, and so do I. 

Vlad & Niki

I really love gifts that are practical and fun. These super cute soft blankets from Vlad & Niki are the perfect example of that. The prints are so vibrant and fun, and they are the perfect size for kids. They are perfect for cozy movie nights on the couch or a great accent to a reading corner. They would even make a great wall tapestry. 



Highland Titles

Do you ever feel like your significant other should be treated like royalty? Or, if not royalty, at least nobility. Luckily, there is a gift that is perfect for that. With Highland Titles you can make your partner (or yourself, or anyone you care about) a Lord, Laird, or Lady.

With Highland Titles you are purchases small plots of land in Scottland. Owning land there makes it legal for you to claim one of the land owner titles. With this proof, you can even change your legal documents to reflect your new title. My husband most likely won't go that far, but he LOVES being able to call himself "Lord".

Groovy Groomsmen Gifts

Groovy Groomsmen has a ton of great gifts for the man on your list. Specifically, the Woody Pallin Watch is a favorite of mine. I love wood watches, especially dark wood. This one can be customized with Initials, dates and Roles. If it's not for a groomsman or similar, the "role" section can easily be left blank or replaced with a nickname or short message.

This is a beautiful watch. It is very well made. Personalized gifts always hold a little bit more meaning, and this is certainly no exception. 


 GnL Accessories

Handbags are one of my favorite accessories. I have a slight (or maybe not so slight) obsession with them. I prefer larger, shoulder size bags and totes. The Althea Black Tote Bag from GnL Accessories is everything I want in a bag. It is so gorgeous. It is neutral but has enough accents to still be striking.

The size is perfect and the quality is amazing. It is named after the Greek Goddess of healing. In my opinion the name is so fitting.

The style and quality are not the only things that set this bag (and company) apart, though. It's the commitment to ethical, sustainable fashion. The bag and all GnL products are vegan, organic, cruelty-free, eco-friendly and fair-trade. Look good and do good. 

Bridesmaids Gifts Boutique 

I love gift boxes. And I really love personalized gifts, so this gift box from Bridesmaids Gifts Boutique is a fantastic choice. The Lets Stay In box includes a lace robe (in choice of 3 colors) and a 12oz insulated stemless wine cup (in choice of 5 colors, with personalization). The items come in a 10x10 gift box with white paper shred. The top of the box gets the same personalization as the cup, and it can be up to 12 characters. 

This is the perfect self care gift for any woman you may be planning a gift for. 

Number 4 Hair Care

Again, we are back to practical gifts that are also enjoyable. Enter No. 4 Hair Care. These products are amazing qaulity to leave your hair looking and feeling amazing. And when you look good, you generally feel better about yourself. So it is the gift of hair care, self care and self-esteem all in one. Can't beat that. 

This Heart Your Hair Box has it all, too. It contains 7 different amazing travel sized products: Hydrating Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner, Fleurs De Temps Body Lotion, Reconstructing Masque, Super Comb Prep & Protect, Smoothing Balm, Non Aerosol Hair Spray. Plus packette portions of 5 other great products. 


Sully & Vanilla

Food gifts are always great for anyone. Everyone loves food, especially sweets. These confections from Sully & Vanilla some of the best I've ever had. Not only are the amazingly beautiful, they taste incredible. The Linzer Heart was to die for. But every single morsel was perfection. The only drawback is if you're trying to diet, you will surely fail with access to these delectable goods. But, it will be worth it.

Sully & Vanilla is women owned and offers a huge variety of treats in themes to match any occasion. Check them out!


Food again, what a surprise. There is a reason food makes the perfect gift for anyone, though. Food is not only a necessity, but it's an indulgence. Gifts that can be consumed are much more likely to be enjoyed than flowers that die or stuff that sits around and takes up space.

GoNanas is awesome because it's treats and a experience gift, all in one. baking, especially together, is a lot of fun, especially with amazing mixes that make it fool proof. In the end, you get quality time and a delicious banana bread that is vegan and gluten free, so it can be enjoyed by almost anyone, even many with dietary restrictions. 

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