Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Under The Barnyard Light - Book Review + Giveaway

Most of you probably know that book reviews are not a huge part of my repertoire. So that makes today an exciting chance of pace. I recently received a cop of Under The Barnyard Light. It is such a lovely children's book.

I adore this book for several reasons. The most prominent reason is the beautiful illustrations. To me that is imperative for a kids' book. The story is very sweet, and the subtle rhymes are great to make it interesting, without it being too much.

I really like that there is not a huge underlying theme to the story. Though, grand lessons can be a really good thing, too, most of the time. Sometimes you don't need to learn a lesson. But I also like how this has a very organic way of highlighting responsibility for children. It's not being 'taught' -- instead it's just shown. 

Not that this is generally an important factor, but I love the size of this book as well. Not only the length, which is fairly short, making it great for not losing a child's interest, but the actual dimensions of the book. That and the hard cover make it the perfect "table book". That also makes it good for parents reading it to a child, so both can see well.

All else aside, this is just a sweet story about a young girl and her beloved animals. It is enjoyable for children while not being grating foe adults. What a magical book for families to enjoy together.

If you think this is a book that your family would enjoy, you can enter to win a copy, via the form below. Good luck!

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  1. ~ I love reading to children and love them reading aloud to me; one of my most treasured joys of being a mom to our daughter. Now I cherish reading to my wonderful nieces, nephews and cousin's children. I look forward to the day I can read to our grandchildren. ~