Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Luvali Convertible Handbag Review & GIVEAWAY!!

Everyone knows that accessories are a girl's best friend. One of the biggest accessory essentials(and obsessions) for women is a fabulous handbag. Not only do handbags carry all of the other essentials, they look super cute while doing it. A handbag can make or break an outfit, so it's important to have one that you love.

The thing about women though, is that we want to have our cake and eat it too(and not get fat). In other words, we want it all. That is certainly the case when it comes to handbags. Since it is so important to have a handbag that compliments your outfit(and your personality), it is pretty much impossible to have only one bag.

I know most women if given the option, would love to have 10, 20 or more handbags. Myself, I have about 8 but I am always wanting more. The trouble with that is that they cost a pretty penny usually, and no matter how affordable they are, having multiple handbags takes up so much space.

Plus, it is such a pain trying to find not only a style(design) that you like, but finding one that is the right size and shape to fit your needs. So you may have a style that looks perfect with a certain outfit, and yet it too big or too small to fit the items you need to carry.

Did you ever wish you could have one mold for a handbag and just chose it in all the styles and colors you could ever want? With Luvali Convertibles you can. But a Luvali bag is so much more than that.

I recently got a Luvali bag, and I LOVE it. This is the Classic Convertible Bag in Spot On
I love the timeless look of black, especially for a handbag, but I am so obsessed with polka dots, especially white and black together. This is so adorable, and it will go with almost anything. But what if I want something different?

Not a problem, I just unzip the side-
And undo the buttons on each side-
The cover will come off, then I just flip it inside out and reattach it. What I end up with is a completely different handbag, in seconds.
I took a classic, elegant look and made it more trendy while retaining my beloved black and white theme. Two fabulous looks, it cannot get any better, right? Oh so wrong. Every girl needs a basic black handbag. Luckily, that is exactly what I get when I remove the cover from this bag. 
I love how great this looks "naked". With the ability to use the reversible covers, I would expect this to require a cover and have the outside of the purse be unfinished, but Luvali went way above and beyond to make sure that this is a fabulous purse even when not used with the cover.

Every detail is so gorgeous. I adore the buckles on the handle.
And the Luvali logo patches on each side of the cover, and on the inside of the bag are so adorable.
Even the top zipper are is gorgeous.
What is really awesome is how roomy the inside of the purse is. You have plenty of space, but not so much that you'd need to have everything you own inside to fill it.
And it is not just an big empty pace, you also get a zippered pocket
and two small slot pockets.
That is so convenient. It's perfect for separating and organizing the most important things you carry(wallet, keys, cell phone etc) so you never have to dig for them.

The best thing about this bag is that not only can you change the look instantly, you can do it without having to transfer any of your stuff. No more "I must have left it in my other purse". You always know much much you can fit into the bag since it's always the same size. You can get use to the feel of carrying it and never have to adjust to different straps, etc.

And if three gorgeous bags is not enough, you can buy as many covers as you want, and each one is two-sided. Not only do you save tons of money since the covers are very affordable, but you save a ton of space since the covers are small and can easily fit in a drawer or somewhere similar.

Plus, now if you get a stain or something on your bag(which I am terrible about), you can just flip the cover over or take it off. And the base bag is made of Faux Leather(100% Nylon exterior) so it is super easy to clean and maintain, "stains" just wipe away. I love that.

This bag is the perfect size and wight. It is so comfortable to carry, and it holds everything I need it to perfectly, and I love the style not matter how I wear it. It i durable too. It takes the abuse I inflict on it without missing a beat. It still looks new.

Luvali Also has small bags and totes as well, all with convertible covers(and extra covers available) I plan to get the other sizes so I have something for every occasion.

Everything about Luvali Convertibles is perfect. Every woman should try these bags. No matter what style you want(classic, flirty, bold, sweet, etc) Luvali has something for you and then some. I highly recommend these incredible bags. 

Since I feel so strongly about it, I will be offering all of you lovelies a chance to win the Classic Convertible Bag of your choice. One lucky winner will take the prize. Enter below for your chance. Good luck.


  1. I like that it looks just as cute without a cover

  2. I like the basic black look. Thanks. It's a cute bag!

  3. Love this bag and the chic look of the classic black

  4. some bags fall apart so easily, this one looks really well made

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  6. i love that it is like getting two bags in one

  7. The basic bag itself looks very nice! I prefer the herring bone look to the polka dots--but with this bag there is no problem!

  8. I love that you can change it into 3 different looks - what a great idea!

  9. I love it because it looks trendy and durable. Good luck to all of us.


  10. I love this bag. The black and white houndstooth cover is my favorite, but I would love being able to use it with so many different looks.

  11. that is so cool And I am a purse freak lol

  12. what a great bag, I love the style. Thank you for the giveaway.

  13. That is one pretty handbag plus it's convertible!

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    Diana C

  19. I really love the plaid pink bag!

  20. I like that you can buy as many covers as you want. S sweet.

  21. I would say I want the Mod Squad Fizz.. i like how you can reverse the purse without buying another kindl

  22. I probably would pick a neutral color if they have them or of the ones shown probably basic black as well!

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  24. Good and sturdy bag for the money. Wish it came in other colors too. A highly recommended purchase, it should cost twice as much as it did.
    Chanel clutch