Saturday, January 12, 2013

Brothers-All-Natural Review and GIVEAWAY!

I love to eat. Snacking is one of my biggest weaknesses. I obviously want to eat the healthiest choices, but taste and convenience often prevent that.

I do really like fruit, but keeping fresh fruit in the house is a challenge. And then most fruits have to be washed and cute and it just becomes a hassle.

I like snacks that I can just grab an go, especially for taking along. I am so the type to cut and apple and bag it and bring it on a trip to the beach(or wherever). I'll grab chips, pretzels, cookies or whatever that is pre-packed instead.

Clearly that is not very healthy. I always mean to eat better and always slip up because of issues like these.

However on Monday I will be starting a new diet, and it will be vital that I only eat very healthy snacks.

Thankfully, I recently discovered Brothers-All-Natural.

Brothers-All-Natural makes wonderful freeze-dried fruits as well as fruit and oats(50% oats 50% fruit, nothing else). They also make Potato crisps, but I have not had the pleasure of trying those yet.

The Fruit and Oats come in in great varieties. Strawberry-Banana and Mixed Berry:

I really love this product. It is so convenient since you just open the pouches(fruit and oat are in separate sealed packages inside) and add water right into the container. There is even a fill line so you don't need to measure anything. And if that was not cool enough, there is even a spoon(that folds in half) inside, so you can take this anywhere with a microwave and be good to go.

These tasted surprisingly good considering there is nothing added(no sweetener). I am so used to the fruit and cream instant oatmeal, and this tastes nothing like that. It tastes more real if that makes sense. The oats are very high quality, as is the fruit. I love that this is actually healthy. I do not eat plain oatmeal under an circumstance, but hated all the calories in the other fruited kind, so I basically stopped eating oatmeal.

Now I can have oatmeal again and not only will I not feel guilty, I will be so proud because I am eating healthy. 

There is one slight problem I have found with these...they are a kid magnet. Lol.  My 15 month old was like a moth to a flame. She probably ate more than I did because by the time I got the spoon out, she was already whining for more. She really loves it. And while that is great, I wish I could ever eat one myself.

The Fruit Crisps are amazing too. 

I tried several flavors, and I really like them all.


I love peaches, but have not eaten a fresh peach in a couple years. They are either not ripe or over ripe and they are so messy, it's such a hassle. These crispy little snacks are so great. Freeze dried peaches are harder to find than other fruits. I am so glad that Brothers-All-Natural makes this delicious variety.

These are sweet and yummy. Just the perfect amount of light crispiness. I ate them plain, but the'd be great with cottage cheese or yogurt.

Mandarin Orange:

I was so glad to see this flavor. I love Mandarin Oranges, but never even consider freeze dried oranges of any kind. I don't know it could be done.

These are really good. They are slightly tangy and wonderfully airy.  Such a nice treat.

Goofy Strawberry-Banana:

I love the Disney packaging choices. What a great way to get children to want these healthy snacks. Of course the great taste will have them coming back for more, but with children, getting them t try it the first time is the hardest, and this is so sure to help.

I love that this is Strawberry and Banana for those times you want more than one flavor. And of Course Strawberry and Banana make the perfect couple.

The strawberries are really good and taste so fresh, but I really love the bananas. The Freeze drying makes them perfectly crispy and enhances their sweetness. Very good.


As I mentioned above, the strawberries taste really fresh. If you have ever had dried strawberries in cereal or anything, these are nothing like that. They are 100 times better. So delicious. 

These would be perfect to add to cereal. It will give it a great flavor and make even the most plain cereal exciting.

Mixed Berry:

The ultimate mix. Four delicious berries all together in one fantastic snack. This one may just be the healthiest with all of the antioxidants in the berries. Not to mention it is the biggest pop of flavors. This would be so good with some granola, in yogurt, or even on ice cream.

Mickey's Clubhouse Banana:

This was my absolute favorite! As I already mentioned, these are the perfect texture. More crisp than the other varieties since bananas are more dense. 

They are probably the sweetest variety too. I do not even really love fresh banana too much(but will eat them). I love these so much more than fresh. They are so good.

Mickey Mouse Apple:

Simple, classic, perfect. Apple is like the spokesflavor for freeze dried fruit. This is a classic done right. So delicious and fresh tasting. I love it!

Mickey Mouse Apple-Cinnamon:

Every bit as good as original apple, only the cinnamon steps up the flavor, making these even BETTER. They are yummy. Cinnamon adds so much flavor without the calories and junk that sweeteners or other flavors add.

I love apple-cinnamon anything, but these are right at the top, so perfect. 

I love how every flavor comes in an individually sealed pouch. The pouches really keep these super fresh. The packaging is so colorful and inviting, making them super appealing, especially for kids.

The Disney packaging is such a genius idea. I even love the fun Disney characters on each pouch, and how each flavor gets a different character.

I love how I will not have to worry about spoiling fruit or buying damaged or under-ripe produce, or just getting anything that is not the best quality. Brothers-All-Naural worries about all that, and uses only the best for their products.

This is such a wonderful brand with top quality products. I recommend that everyone give them a try, for healthy living, convenient snack options, getting children to try something new, or just for a wonderfully delicious treat.

And because I want you to try these so much, Andrea's World and Brothers-All-Natural are offering a giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a Variety Pack(24 pouches) of Fruit Crisps. Enter below. Good luck.


  1. I'd like to try the apple out to start. I think that's a flavor my kids would like too.

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