Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January Starbox Review

As anyone who is a regular follower of my blog knows, I LOVE Starbox. For the past 3 months(Oct, Nov, Dec) I have been reviewing Starbox, and every month I am amazed by the quality and value of the items.

Of course January is not exception. This box was incredible.

This box was packed full of items. Three Full-Size Makeup items, One professional Makeup Brush and a Surprise which was a super cute bracelet.

Blush in Cutie Peach:

I love this blush. It is such a beautiful color. Pinky-Peach with a hint is shimmer. It really looks naturally beautiful and makes your face glow. I goes on smooth and easy and feels light as air. It never looks or feels cakey or overdone.

This is one of the best blushes I have ever tried.

Diamondline Eye Pencil in Fancy:

Such a bright deep color. Sometimes with colors like this, they go on somewhat translucent because they are too sheer, but this goes on vibrant and bold.

It glides on with the greatest of ease and comfort. It lasts all day without even the slightest flaw. It really makes your eyes POP!. The color is so unique.
This can be worn as a liner obviously, but also as a shadow, and works wonderfully as either.

I love this liner. The consistency and the color. I would normally not seek out a color like this for myself, but I am super glad that Starbox is smarter than I am in this department and always sends me hidden treasures.

Eye Pencil In Brown:

This is just a classic brown eye liner, only better quality than most. I have tons of eye pencils(no browns until now actually though), and my Starlooks ones are my favorites. They are just so silky smooth. They stay in place all day, never feel dry, sticky, cakey, or greasy.

I love this color too. As I mentioned, I did not own any brown liners prior to this, and I like they was it looks. I tend to go for black or colored liners, but this looked really good, more natural.

It really goes well with the "Fancy" Diamondline pencil.

Small Done Fluff Brush:

This brush is so nice. The bristles are so soft and gentle, but the brush it firm enough to keep its shape and not bend and crush when used.

It really blends well(liner pencils and such) and it also is wonderful for applying shadow. It holds the shadow very well so you don't end up with dust all over and it applies it seamlessly for a super sleek finish.

This also seems like it would be great for applying/blending concealer and things like that.

Wonderful quality brush, probably the best one I own.

Surprise- Beautiful Green Wrap Bracelet:

This bracelet is so fun and stylish. And not only can you use it as a bracelet, but you can also use it in your hair(as you will see later on). It was such a great addition to an already perfect box.

This box is so wonderful. But don't just take my word for it. Check out how lovely these products are in action.

Now I also did a complete look to show how I would actually wear this al together. So I did add lip gloss and a touch of mascara to the finished look.

Doesn't that blush look incredible? So rosy and natural. I hate looking like I put blush on, I want to look natural in that area, and this certainly does. I call this Natural Plus.

Now check out how that awesome bracelet can change the look completely.

It can be a bracelet obviously, and adds the pop of color and sparkle to really pull the look together.

It can be work with a scrunchie to bring a little dazzle to your hair and put the focus even more toward your face/head instead of to your wrist.

And last but not least, my favorite way, it can be wrapped around a bun to give you a super elegant style.
I love the bun like this, and plan to wear it a lot. I did not even secure this with anything besides the bracelet. So simple yet stylish. And since I never do my heair, I live how easy this makes it to switch it up and make it look like I actually worked on it.

Such a wonderful box. I am extremely pleased with my January Starbox just as I have been with all of the past three. I an just sorry I did not find Starbox sooner. And you will be worry too if you continue to miss out because you did not subscribe.

For just $15 a month(plus like $2 shipping) you can have Starbox delivering all these fabulous goodies right to your door too. The value of this box was $63. $63 for $17, I'll take than any day of the week. I know a good deal when I see one, and Starbox is one of the best deals I have come across, and certianly the best monthly box(the value you get for the money) I've seen.

If you've been seeing my Starbox reviews and have not subscribed yet, seriously, just do it. It'll be the best $17 you'll ever spend. For me, just the excitement of seeing what's inside each month is worth it.


  1. Love the green as it is my fave color, too!! You rocked this look!!

    1. Aww, thanks Sweetie.I look enormous though. :(

  2. I love that blush! & the bracelet. & well, everything. Looks like I need to start getting this box myself!

  3. I love trying new makeup and you do such a good job on your eyes

  4. I love this make up box, and really loved this months theme.. because green is my favorite color!

  5. this looks really nice on you i love all your reviews

  6. the bun is super cute! thanks for the idea! i love the fancy eyeliner.. its gorge!

  7. I loved how use the bracelet for other option. what a great review

  8. LOVE the hair idea. My bracelet became a toy for my 2-year-old, but not because I wanted it too :P

  9. Eek, I love the idea to put it around the bun!