Saturday, January 19, 2013

KOL Foods Whole Duckling Review

Are you tired of always cooking the same boring meals? Wish you could make gourmet quality dishes at home? Well thanks to KOL Foods, you can have the best quality, free range, 100% Grass-fed Kosher meats delivered right to your door.

I recently had the pleasure of trying one of of the many wonderful products from KOL Foods.

 I tried this fabulous Whole Duckling.

KOL Ducks are unlike any other. They are the ONLY organic-fed, glatt-kosher, pastured duck in the USA.

 All KOL Ducks are:
  • 100% pastured after brooding
  • Raised on non-industrial family owned farms
  • Free to eat grasses, seeds, grubs, bugs or feed supplement
  • Feed supplement is organic, certified GMO-free, all-natural, all-vegetarian, locally grown & milled
  • Free of added arsenic
  • Free antibiotics or added hormones
  • OU & CHK kosher
  • Shechita techniques and "green" certifications
The health and quality benefits alone set this duck far above all others.

As great as the duck is on paper, so to speak, I was really worried that it would be hard to cook and/or come out too dry or not very tasty.

But actually it really wasn't very hard at all. All I did was make a few slits in the skin, season it with (kosher)salt and pepper and roast it. 45 minutes breast side up, 45 minutes breas side down, and another 45 breast side up.

It came out FANTASTIC.

The skin was so crispy and incredibly delicious. The meat was Juicy and tender, and had the most succulent, rich flavor. I could not believe that I made it myself. It tasted just as good as any restaurant food I have ever tried.

And although duck is a fatty meat, free range, grass-fed meats are naturally leaner than grocery store meats.

When you choose KOL Foods, you know you are getting the very best. You can fell good about eating them and feeding them to your family.

Kol Foods can may any meal a special one, and make any special occasion even more special.

With Valentine's Day coming up, KOL Foods is the perfect place to get exactly what you need to make your date night even more special. Going out to dinner is nice, but you don't really know exactly what you are getting, and you cannot really customize the seasoning to exactly your tastes. Plus, being around a bunch of strangers is no the most romantic thing you can do.

What could be more special than cooking a wonderful, restaurant quality meal for the person you love, and enjoying it by candlelight just the two of you?

Men especially. Women love a man who cooks, and if you make your sweetheart one of these lovely ducklings, she will just melt(I know I would).

And it just so happens that there is going to be a Valentine's discount available on these very soon. So make sure you take advantage of that.

No matter what product you choose, KOL Foods will be the best quality you've ever had, trust me.

Happy eating.