Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pizza Fit'n Free Review and GIVEAWAY!

As some of you may already know, I started a diet on Monday. This diet covers breakfast and luch, so any snacks and dinner are my responsibility.

I have tried to diet on my own and somehow always ate the wrong things(or portions), and ended up not seeing any results. So I was really worried that I would sabotage my diet with my dinner choices.

Snacks are fairly simple. I can have some fruit or veggies, maybe some Fat free cottage cheese or yogurt, and that should be fine.

But dinners are more tricky. You have to either make a recipe taking into account the nutritional information for each items and try to figure out how much you can have and what the total fat and calorie content ends up as.

And since my husband is not dieting, I would have to cook 2 meals and that is such a hassle.

As a busy mom of 2(and blogger), I needed something quick and easy. The quandary it also has to taste good so I don't feel deprived(which will make me break the diet).

When I first stumbled on Pizza Fit'n Free, I was immediately drawn to the idea of a Fat Free, Sugar Free pizza with under 250 calories, but I was skeptical that it would taste decent too.

I figured I would give it a try and at least it would be healthy and something to eat, but I did not expect a great tasting pizza.

When I cooked it, it smelled great. I became hopeful that it would taste ok. Well it tasted so much better than ok. It was FANTASTIC!!!! I swear I could not even believe this was a diet(let alone fat free) pizza. I mean obviously the portion not being huge shows that it is portion controlled, but just going by taste you would seriously never know this was so good for you. It's insane.

 The crust comes out so crispy and fantastic(better than any other frozen pizza I have tried). The cheese actually melts(unlike some fat free cheese), the sauce is so yummy, and the cheese really has flavor(which I was not expecting). I cannot stress enough how great this tastes.

And not only that, but it is actually a pretty decent size. I am used to eating like a pig, so obviously this is not a normal portion for me, but  I added some raw carrot sticks, and took my time eating, and it was actually a pretty good meal. I was full afterward, which really surprised me.

As good as it tastes I could have easily eaten 2(or maybe more) as a meal, but I did not have to and that was wonderful. This little baby has 14g of Protein, which I really love.

It is so easy to make too. It takes like 8 minutes(or less) to cook. They arrive frozen in dry ice, and you keep them in the freezer. Thaw(preferably) before cooking and cook. So simple.

This is the perfect go to for me for dinner now. I am so hooked. I look forward to it all day, and it is so worth the wait.

If you like pizza, you will love this. Diet or not. this is perfect for every pizza lover. You can even add toppings veggies for us dieters and meats and such for everyone else.

I think that everyone should give Pizza Fit'n Free a try. And one lucky follower will be able to for free. Pizza Fit'n Free and Andrea's World are giving away one six pack of Pizzas. Just enter below for your chance to win. Good luck.


  1. We are BIG pizza fans in my house and getting a chance to try these for free would be awesome to say the least!

  2. These look yummy and we also love pizza in this house!

  3. Need to diet, too and maybe this will be good alternative for Z too

  4. Because we have Pizza/movie night at least once or twice a week in our home.

  5. Wedding is approaching and these look yummy and might help with dieting!

  6. it looks so good! plus it's time for this mama to diet

  7. I like pizza! Sounds and looks yummy!We don't eat it very often it would be a nice treat.

  8. I am a pizza junkie and an alternative to the high fat kind that I normally eat sounds great!

  9. I love pizza and im trying to get into shape so id love to try this!

  10. I love pizza and im trying to get into shape so id love to try this!

  11. I need to lose weight but Pizza is one of my weaknesses maybe if I had something like this I could actually get past a week and lose more than 5 pounds lol.

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  13. The healthful new pizza Wandsworth recipe is a secret of course, but we do know that it incorporates seaweed and has all the necessary nutrients in perfectly balanced amounts.

  14. hope my hubby would like it then hard to get him to eat healthy