Friday, January 4, 2013

Soda Sparkle Review and GIVEAWAY!

I am a true soda lover. I love pretty much any flavor, and love to change up flavors to keep some variety in my beverage consumption.

When buying soda from the store, that is often hard to do. My husband always drinks the same thing, so anything else is only for me. Therefore I do not want to buy 10 different 12 packs just so I can mix it up. 2 liters still take up too much room in addition to going flat too quickly.

So what does that leave? Well, thankfully I discovered Soda Sparkle. Soda Sparkle is i home soda making system that uses regular water and flavor syrups(along with CO2 chargers) to make fresh delicious soda in minutes, right in your own home.

I tried the Soda Sparkle Twin Bottle Starter Kit:

It is a really cool kit. It comes with 2 bottles(Light Sparkle and Extra Sparkle), 5 CO2 Chargers, 15 flavor syrups, and of course the system.

This is a very compact design that can me easily stored in any drawer or  cabinet. It is so simple to use. Each CO2 charger is single use, so there is no guessing about how much to use. Just insert a charger, screw on. Let stand bout 30 seconds. Remover chargersahake for 5 seconds, pour, flavor and drink.

So easy and quick, and the fizz level is always perfect. The flavors are really yummy, and also single serve.

I really love the apple flavor, but also the pineapple, and cola/lemon as well. Tonic flavor is also included, but I don't use Tonic.

My husband even tried and liked the flavors, although he still refers his usual brand(because he is set in his ways).

My autistic son thinks the whole precess is awesome and always wants to "help", but he will not drink soda, so I cannot speak to his enjoyment of it.

This system is great for anyone though. Kids will love being able to make their own soda(just as they love easy bake ovens and snow cone makers and etc.). It is just so fun.

It really cuts down on space, wasted(flat) soda, and trash/recycling. Not to mention the strain it saves not having to carry heavy bottles/boxes of soda.

Weather this is for you, or as a gift(perfect for college students), this will be an item that is used all the time. Give it a try, you'll be glad you did.

One of my lucky fans will get to give it a try for free. Soda Sparkle has been gracious enough to offer one winner a soda Sparkle Kit of their own. Enter below. Good luck.


  1. You can make your own and that is awesome

  2. i really love that it has different flavors and not just one and that you done have to carry 12 packs to your house and that its small enough that it doesnt use alot of space

  3. saving money by making your own debbie jackson
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  4. I love the convenience of Soda Sparkle!

  5. In my tiny kitchen anything small is a win!!

  6. In my tiny kitchen anything small is a win!!

  7. I love soda sparkle! They are just amazing .
    Thanks for the giveaway.!!!
    Excited !!!
    My facebook is private that's why I share it with G+ and pinterst.Hope you understand.
    Be happy !!

  8. The money I could save would be great!

  9. Using less plastic in the recycling/waste stream. Making soda at home vs a large manufacturing facility then using fossil fuels to ship 'fancy flavored water' to the store.

  10. All the different flavors especially pineapple.

  11. I love that you can make it at home and save money. Plus it has different flavors which is another plus!