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How to Pack for a Summer Holiday

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Whether you want to spend the weekend by the riverside, embark on a 10-day cruise on an island, or just touring Europe, vacations are exciting. They give you the needed space from your daily routine and the stress that comes with it. You also get an opportunity to unwind and spend time with friends, family, or your partner.

Packing for holidays is not as refreshing as the moments you will spend during the vacay. It actually calls for serious planning because you need to know what to wear on each day of the trip. Now, if you are an indecisive over-packer, this may be harrowing. 

But packing for your trip does not have to be a dreaded chore. We will share tips to help you pack for your summer vacay. You may also be interested in if you usually experience pre-travel anxiety. 

Tips for Vacay Packers 

Below are tips to help you prepare for your vacation this summer. 

Draft a Plan 

Every holiday is different; therefore, you will require a different wardrobe depending on the location you’re headed. Since it is a summer trip, you may want to pack some lightweight clothes. However, you must factor in the activities you will engage in when holidaying.

For instance, if you are on a beach in South America, you can’t enjoy the scenery if you are putting on a cheeky bikini that never stops riding up. Also, you will be unable to adore the astonishing Parisian architecture when your under-sized jeans are harassing your waistline. Therefore, you need to make sure that your wears are both stylish and practical. A pair of sandals, loose-fitting tee, and light jeans makes an awesome choice for casual summer vacays.

Do Not Come Prepared for Everything

Trying to pack for all circumstances you may encounter is a trap that leads to over-packing. Most times, you discover that you end up not using 90% of the things you packed. Trying to take enough outfits so you will be ready for any activity or weather condition results in a suitcase that you will need help to pull around. You will also need to dig into it to look for items you want to use.

Yes, we know it is good to come prepared on any trip, but you should only take what you need for the summer season. You can also pack some essential clothes that you know will not malfunction unexpectedly. You can check out Pampelone vacation wear to find stylish summer outfits. 

Wear a Different Travel Outfit 

We previously said you should not over-pack, but you need to wear a different outfit when you are flying or driving. You can’t be wearing the leggings you wore on a four-hour bus ride to dinner when you finally arrive at your destination. No matter how clean the bus was or whatever means you came by, the entire traveling process is a bit dirty. It will also leave your clothes slightly wrinkled and feeling gross. 

You need to make sure that you travel in clothes that you dedicate to that purpose. Also, ensure that the travel outfit is extremely comfortable. You can wear a tank-top or a tee with a pair of comfortable jeans or leggings. You may also want to have a hoodie or lightweight jacket while you are in transit. You never can tell how cold your plane or bus might get. 

Throw in the Basics
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When you start packing your bag, you may feel overwhelmed. But you can lay a foundation with the basic items you need. Fill your box with basic tops, shorts, jeans to mix-match on different occasions. Also, mix in some skirts or formal dresses for trips to fancy restaurants or nights out. 

Add Some Focal Points 

Your summer vacation outfits should not be boring. You want to look different every day because the images will be immortalized in vacation photos on your social media accounts. Bring your unique piece and some accessories as focal points to match your classic basics. Statement jewelry, patterned blouses, sun hats, and fashion scarves work wonders. 

Choose Your Shoes Carefully 

Get a mix of comfortable and supportive sandals and tennis shoes. You can pack just a pair of fancy shoes. Also, a pair of wedge heels is versatile and goes with several formal outfits. You can watch this video to learn how to choose shoes for summer vacation. 


When packing for your summer vacay, don’t stress. Stay simple and select chic outfits that will also be comfortable. Let your worries take the backseat to the fun activities you will enjoy on the trip.

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