Friday, September 28, 2012

Arctic Zero Review and Giveaway

I always tell myself I an going to diet, and that never works. I have found it is best for me to just replace junk foods with healthier options whenever possible. I mean healthier versions of the same type of snack. I am not swapping chips for celery.

All too often, it is nearly impossible to find a replacement that tastes good enough to justify the switch, especially when it comes to dessert. I no not want fruit for dessert, nor do I want one tiny bite of something that is sweet.

I had been searching for a dessert I could actually eat(that still tasted like dessert). No luck. Until I tried Arctic Zero.

Arctic Zero is a revolutionary product destined to change the way we indulge in dessert forever.

Each serving of Arctic Zero has only 35 calories! Compared to Ice cream which usually has over 200 per serving. And if you are like me, and one serving is just a drop in the bucket, good news. Each pint is only 150 calories! That is unheard of.

I was so interested, but also a little skeptical at first, and did not have high expectations of the flavor, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Don't get me wrong, this is not as good(in my opinion) as great ice cream, but for the health benefits this offers, it is more than a fair trade off.

This product is dairy free, so it is lactose intolerant friendly.  It is also Gluten Free, Fat Free, Kosher, Non-GMO and Low Glycemic(suitable for type 2 diabetes). In addition, it offers 14g Whey Protein(per pint) and 8g fiber(per pint). It is made with only natural and organic ingredients.

Arctic Zero comes in 8 wonderful flavors.


The most iconic flavor of all frozen desserts. A true classic. Arctic Zero does a great job making such and indulgent flavor, keeps it's appeal without all the fat and calories. This was much better than I thought it would be.

A chocolate lover's dream and perfect for children and adults alike.

Chocolate Peanut Butter:

Like a peanut butter cup, frozen. This flavor is yummy, and the peanut butter and chocolate go so nicely together.

My husband loved this one. After my tasting(for the review), he ate the rest.


Coffee is the flavor I choose most often when buying ice cream.

Arctic Zero's version is very tasty, different than what I am used to of course, but well done and something I enjoy eating. I ate the whole thing in one serving(good thing there is only 150 calories and 0 fat).

Cookies and Cream:

Another of my default ice cream flavors.

This is different than what you are used to from cookie and cream ice cream. It does not have any chunks of cookies in it. Rather the whole pint is infused with the flavor, creating a brown color throughout(looks like chocolate).

It taste more like chocolate and cookies than it does cream as well, but it is really good, and you can tell it is creamier than regular chocolate.

Mint Chocolate Cookie:

While still good, this is probably my least favorite. I just think the flavor needs to be stronger, more minty.

I recommend that if you do try this flavor, you also try another so you get a full impression of Arctic Zero, since I feel the other flavors are even better than this one.


I adore this flavor. I love strawberry ice cream, and this is practically just as good.

Think this variety may be my favorite, and I think it tastes most like it's ice cream counterpart. I think this flavor would be really great for anyone who likes strawberry since you wont even feel like you are loosing any flavor compared to ice cream(just a tad less creamy since to dairy is used).

Vanilla Maple:

I was concerned this would not have a strong enough flavor to taste healthy, but this flavor is actually right along with the strawberry for tasting the most like ice cream in my opinion(although I have never had vanilla maple ice cream).

I love the unique flavor combination, and I love that is something you cannot get from other desserts.

Pumpkin Spice:

I really love pumpkin, so this flavor was a dream. It is up at the top for tasting less healthy and more indulgent. With fall soon upon us, this will be my go to flavor.

I wish I could give arctic Zero Pumpkin Spice to trick or treaters without it melting. Although I don't think I could bring myself to give that much away anyway. I'd hog it all for myself.

Some of the flavors have a slightly odd taste(what I believe may be the chicory root), but they are still yummy, and it is nothing drastic. And in some flavors, I could not notice it at all(Strawberry and Vanilla Maple for example).

Since everyone's taste is different, I recommend you try it for yourself, maybe starting with Strawberry, and see what you think. I bet you won't be sorry.

One lucky winner can try all 8 flavors just by entering below. Good luck everyone.

*Although I received this product at no cost for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own and may differ from yours. I was not compensated for this review.*


  1. I am dying to try this stuff! Especially the pumpkin and the coffee!! Thanks for the review!

  2. i would love to try this!! looks so yummy

  3. Vanilla Maple!
    :)Jeanne Bates Tennant

  4. Arctic Zero Pumpkin Spice sounds so good, am excited to try that flavor first

  5. I would be curious to try the flavor of "Vanilla Maple" from Arctic Zero the combo sounds good. thanks

  6. I would love to try the Pumpkin Spice!

  7. strawberry!
    Entered the rafflecopter form as "Wild Orchid"

    Thanks for the cool giveaway!

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

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