Thursday, September 27, 2012

Java Bites Review and Giveaway

Who doesn't love coffee and dessert? Well what about coffee as dessert? With Java Bites, you get BOTH!

Java Bites are cookies made with bits of real Organic Espresso Beans. So Not only do they taste like coffee, they are made from coffee, and that makes all the difference. Java Bites Cookies are Hand Made and All-Natural. The contain no preservatives and are Trans Fat Free. Even better, Java Bites are a product of the USA.

Each 2 cookie serving(pack) contains only about 100 calories(no more than 107), and they are lower in fat than many sweets(less than 5g per serving), so they are a great alternative to more fattening desserts(or snack) without sacrificing any of the indulgent flavor you crave.
They come in 5 fantastic flavors, so there is something for everyone or ever mood.


This is the Java Bites Signature flavor, and one of my 2 favorites. I love vanilla and white chocolate, so this cookie is perfect for me. I think this is the perfect cookie for almost anyone.

The white chocolate and vanilla flavors are nice and subtle, not a sugar overload like many times they can be. The espresso really makes these cookies pop. These are the perfect blend of dessert and coffee, and the most indulgent(to me) flavor without being overly "desserty" so thye are perfet for a snack or a quick breakfast as well.


This a a new take on a classic. This is the cookie for everyone. Perfect to give as a gift or keep on hand for guests. You can't go wrong with this perfect bled of chocolate chip cookie and rich coffee flavor.

This flavor is tied with White Chocolate Vanilla Latte for my favorite. I am actually not always a huge fan of chocolate chip cookies, but this is a winner. I could eat these every day.


If you are a cinnamon lover like I am, this is the flavor for you. There is a very nice bold cinnamon flavor. It definitely does not get out shined by the espresso. The two flavors compliment each other perfectly.

This, to me, seems like the perfect go to dessert, hostess gift, etc for the holiday season. In my mind cinnamon is the quintessential flavor of the fall and winter months. Even the orange color on the package reminds me of Autumn.


This is the perfect cookie for every true chocolate lover. With the cookie being mocha, every bite is full of rich chocolate flavor. The espresso beans and white chocolate chips turn this already delightful cookie into a heavenly experience.

I am not one to seek out chocolate cookies(or baked goods of any kind), but these are fantastic. I love coffee, so the espresso bits are what really pulls me in.


If you like almond cookies, you have not tasted anything yet. These have a strong almond flavor that is only enhanced by wonderful, rich mocha and bold espresso bits.

I actually liked this flavor the least, but only because the others were so amazing. So even the "worst" Java Bites Cookie is still better than other cookies.

Imagine these crushed over a sundae. Peanuts have nothing on that.

Every Java Bites flavor is nice a crispy-crunchy cookie.. They would be great to actually dip in coffee or milk and would make a nice crunchy ice cream or yogurt topping(topping vanilla yogurt, can you imagine?) Or maybe crushed really fine and made into a pie or cheesecake crust.

The bottom line is Java Bites cookies are delicious, unique and all-natural. What more could you possible ask for?

What? You said you could ask for them to be free? Well if you are one of the 5 lucky winners, you will get your wish. Enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance at one of 5 boxes of Java Bites.