Monday, September 24, 2012

PB Crave Review and Giveaway

I really like peanut butter, but I don't particularly like it plain, and most times, jelly is way too sweet and gives mo toothaches, so I've had to find ways to make it taste a little better without going overboard. I've added honey, put sugar on peanut butter toast and put bananas in my PB sandwich.

While all those are good, they were not great. But now I found a product that takes the PB I love but adds yummy flavors that liven it up and make is sweet without all the sugary jelly taste.

PB Crave is the easy way to make any sandwich a treat. You can dip fruit or even pretzels, top crackers and make amazing cookies with one yummy product. No need to worry about having a bunch of ingredients. PB crave takes car of you by putting it all in one convenient jar.

And with 4 varieties, Peanut Butter never tasted so good. This ain't your mamma's Peanut Butter.

Choco Choco:

Semi-sweet and rich dark chocolate with premium peanut butter and wild honey.

It is usually more chunky chocolate than mine shows. The FL heat melted mine a bit. This variety is for the chocolate lover. Peanut butter cups have nothing on this.

As great as this is, this is actually my least favorite, only because all the others are even more special with more flavor notes.

Cookie Nookie:

 Chocolate chips, cookie dough flavor, wild honey and premium peanut butter.

This may be my favorite flavor, but it's hard to say since they are all so yummy. I really love the cookie dough flavor. It reminds me of eating raw cookie dough, only I feel less guilty this way.

This one would be really great for kids. What kid does not love cookies. A great way to keep you kiddo interested in PB, I know so many kids that get burnt out on PB&J.

CoCo Bananas:

Bananas, cocoa and wild honey and premium peanut butter.

This takes the classic BP&B sandwich to a whole new dimension. This is so good to eat with a banana, rolled in crushed cereal.

But of course it is also fantastic all on it's own on toast, crackers or a sandwich(or right out of the jar).

Razzle Dazzle:

Red raspberry, wild honey, white chocolate, rich dark chocolate and premium peanut butter.

This is very close to being my favorite flavor(tying Cookie Nookie). I love raspberries and white chocolate. Raspberry is a very unexpected pairing for peanut butter in my opinion, and you wouldn't think they would be so great together, but this has a wonderful flavor.

I love this yummy peanut butters made with premium, natural ingredients. PB Crave turns ordinary into extraordinary with just the twist of a lid.

By the way, want a killer "cookie" recipe? Take any flavor PB Crave and spread between 2 Ritz(style) crackers. Dip in (melted)white chocolate, let cool. PERFECTION!!

This will be a perfect recipe to gift or share during the upcoming holiday season. If you can bear to part with them, lol.

If you are dying to try PB Crave, today is your luck day. One lucky person will win a Coco Banana Variety Pack($20.97 Value). Just enter below. Good Luck.


  1. I would love to try the PB Bannana

    Kelli Avery

  2. My fave flavor would be Cookie Nookie

  3. Coco Bananas--I love peanut butter and bananas! What a great idea!

  4. I would love to try the Cookie Nookie, it sounds fabulous!

  5. the choco choco sounds best!

  6. The Cookie Nookie sounds great

  7. The Cookie Nookie sounds good.

  8. razzle dazzle sounds awesome!

  9. I think the coco bananas would taste really good.

  10. Coco Banana Variety Pack sounds nice, would like to try that one!