Friday, September 21, 2012

Beanfields Crispylicious Snacks Review

Do you love to snack? Me too. Do you wish you could find a snack that was healthier for you? Join the club. Do you just wish you could find a new kinds of chip that was new and exciting? Well, No matter what you are looking for, I have the solution. Beanfields Crispylicious Snacks.

In 5 awesome flavors, they have something for everyone. With 4g complete protein and 4g Fiber in every serving, Half the saturated fat and one third less sodium than most corn tortilla chips, Complex Carbohydrates to provide long lasting energy and minerals our bodies need, including potassium and magnesium, these chips are truly a snack to feel good about.

What they offer is just as good as what the don't. Free of all 8 of the FDA's eight most common ingredients that trigger food allergies, Certified non GMO, Corn Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free and Vegan. All of the good without the bad.

When you factor all that wiht how amazing they taste, you have an unstobable snack powerhouse.

 Being made with Beans and Rice, these snacks taste like nothing you have every tried. They have a hearty flavor and a perfect crunch. IN my opinion, these are better than any tortilla chip I have ever tasted, the fact they are also healthier is just icing on the cake. Because no matter how good something is for you, if you won't eat it, it does not matter.

I'll run down the flavors in order of my preference, although they are all fantastic.

Nacho Bean & Rice Chips: 

This is my favorite flavor. It is just so perfect, you get a cheesy taste and an onion, pepper and tomato taste as well as the wonderful flavor of the beans and rice. Perfect texture. This snack is a great choice for anyone who loves flavored chips.

 Pico de Gallo Bean & Rice Chip:

Another incredible flavor choice. This one is a little more zesty, so it might not be good for younger children, but it depends on the person. This is the boldest flavor and would be perfect for sports gatherings or BBQs. These would also be fantastic dipped in sour cream(of course that would raise the fat and calories)

Sea Salt & Pepper Bean & Rice Chips:

With this flavor, the whole effect of the beans and rice really steal the show. You still get the extra flavor of the salt and pepper, but the focus is more on the chip and less on the flavor. If you love salt & pepper snacks(popcorn, chips) then you have to try these. A new take on a classic flavor.

Sea Salt Bean & Rice Chips:

Perfectly crispy, flavorful bean and rice chips, lightly dusted with Sea Salt. The perfect chip for every snacking and dipping occasion. 

Naturally Unsalted Bean & Rice Chips: 

Perfect for anyone watching their sodium. These are great for dipping also, since even if the dip tastes a little salty, it doesn't become overpowering. To me, these taste better than other unsalted chips I have tried.

I recommend these to anyone looking for a delicious snack that differs from the same old same old, and anyone looking for a healthier option that does not skimp on flavor. 

*Although I received this product at no charge for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own, and may differ from yours. I was not compensated for this review.


  1. YUM! I'm always looking for great chips for the family that are at least a little bit healthy! :) Do you know if they contain MSG? That's a big issue for us because my Twiggles is allergic.

  2. Bean and rice chips sound AWESOME! Add cheese for instant Nacho's!

  3. Hadn't heard about this company! Chips are a popular snack in my home; I can't hardly keep them, even when I intend them to go with a meal like sandwiches or burgers. LOL The boys eat them up so fast! These look yummy; I'll have to see if we can find them locally. Thanks for the review!

  4. Sea Salt & Pepper and Pico de Gallo both sound good. I love me some Pico de Gallo, but I've never seen Pico de Gallo flavored chips before!

  5. The Pico De Gallo is great!!

  6. pico de gallo sounds yummy!

  7. I would like to win the nacho flavor chips they sound good.