Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Simple Squares Review

I love food, and I really love to try every kind of nutrition, snack and energy bar. It is a constant search to find ones that are truly delicious, not just good for being healthy, but I have found a product that is so amazingly yummy. Simple Squares.

Simple Squares are made with only 5 simple ingredients. They are free of Wheat, Gluten, Refined Sugars, Dairy and Soy. Kosher and Organic.

These Whole Food snack bars are Savory-Sweet and currently come in 4 amazing flavors.


Organic cashews, Organic almonds , Organic honey, cinnamon and cloves.

I love cinnamon and nuts together, and with the honey this is a very tasty treat. With so few ingredients, it is very difficult to explain the incredible depth of flavor, but these are so good. They really taste good enough to be a dessert, but not so sweet where they would have to be.


Organic cashews, Organic Almonds, Organic Honey, Unsweetened coconut and Organic vanilla extract, Sea Salt.

If you love coconut, this is for you, but it is not overpoweringly coconut, so even those that don't love it should really enjoy this. The nuts and honey are really the star in every flavor, and the herbs and coconut in this case, are just something to make them extra unique.

Great natural coconut flavor, very mild coconut, not like a coconut punch in the mouth, just the perfect accent to this wonderful snack bar.


 Organic Cashews, Organic almonds, Organic Honey, Unsweetened Coconut, Organic Vanilla Extract, Sea Salt, Sage.

I hate to admit that I was a little nervous about the sage having too much of an herb taste that did not blend well with the nuts and honey, but it really accents this bar very nicely. While I do like the previous too better, it is only very very slightly. If you are a fan of sage, you will love this for sure.

Organic Cashews, Organic Almonds, Organic Honey, Unsweetened Coconut, Organic Vanilla Extract, Sea Salt, Rosemary.

Once again, I was quite nervous about the herb taste, and while the rosemary is the strongest with the taste of herbs, it was still quite good.

This was my least favorite of the varieties, but I still really like it, I just like the others more. If you want an herb taste in your snack bar, this is the one for you.

All of these flavors are so good, and I love that I know exactly what I am eating. With 5(some 6 if you count Sea Salt) simply ingredients, it is so nice to see real, organic foods, not fillers and preservatives and junk. Just nutritious whole foods that taste amazing.

These are not really big(1.6oz each), so as far as taste goes, I was sad to reach the last bite, but hey are quite filling and give you protein, Iron, Fiber and a little calcium, so they are a great snack to keep you full and give your body the fuel it needs. These would also make a wonderful quick breakfast.

Since you a obviously a super sluethy master of detection, you probably noticed 5 bars in the first picture. Well that is an extra special sample of a brand new flavor of Simple Squares that will debut this fall...Coffee.

And guess what...That was incredibly delicious. In fact, it happens to be my personal favorite. Even more amazing, is right now, you can get a bulk case of 50 Coffee Simple Squares for only $50!! Since a 12 pack of the other flavors is normally $29.99, that is a steal. If you have an interest in am amazing whole foods snack bar, I highly recommend that you get the case.

If you do try these(or have tried these), I'd love to hear your feedback. If you have not. What flavor interests you the most?

*Although I received these at no cost for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own and may differ from yours. I was not compensated for this review*


  1. I would love cinnamon clove!! That sounds amazing!

  2. Those sound really good. I get bored with the "traditional" flavors, so I think the Sage and Rosemary would be awesome!

  3. I have never heard of these, but they sound wonderful! Especially since they are organic and good for you too! Thanks for sharing!

  4. These sound really good. I love anything healthy and the herbal taste is something i would love to try.