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Circle Of Friends Review

With so much focus on back to school, everyone is looking for the latest and greatest products to make a good impression. Of course that is important, but many of these things are just as important the rest of the year as well.

While backpacks and clothes come and go, there is much more required to look your best. Probably the most important of which is bath/personal care products. Being fresh and clean is essential to looking good and feeling good.

Finding great products is hard enough, but finding them for younger children is an even more daunting task. either the products are too harsh for children and strip their hair, or irritate the skin, or they are "too gentle" and they do not clean or nourish well enough. Finding the perfect balance is so tricky.

I have tried countless products on my son. Baby products, toddler products, adult products, and every time there are more flaws than assets.  Thankfully, instead of giving up and settling for an inferior substitute, I kept trying and found a line dedicated to children, that has all the performance I desired with all the gentleness he needs.

Circle of Friends is incredible!
I love that Circle of Friends offers more than the standard shampoo and body wash that many children's brands stop at.  Not only do the have Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner, Detangler, Hair Spray and so much more, they offer multiple fabulous scent choices for each product as well. That is very rare in my experience.

I have tried 6 of their products so far, and they are all extraordinary.

Jenny's Root Beer Shampoo:
First off, this really smells like root beer. Not root beer mixed with soap or any other nonsense, it smells like root beer. If I did not know this was shampoo, I would think it really was root beer. I wish my shampoo smelled that good.

This shampoo creates a rich, creamy lather, rinses easily and leaves hair clean and smelling divine. It is very lightweight and perfect for fine hair. I used it on my daughter who has super fine hair, and it worked wonders for her. Normally heir hair gets dry and frizzy, since other products strip her hair.

Best of all, this is tearless, so there is no concern of burning eyes. Peace of mind is priceless.

Klunie's Chocolate Shampoo:
Just as the Root Beer Shampoo does, this smells exactly like chocolate. I almost wanted to drink it. It is like aromatherapy, but better. I had my son smell it before showing him the front of the bottle. I asked him what it smelled like. He shouted out "chocolate" without hesitation.

Products that really smell like the scent they are supposed to be seems like a no brainer, but most of the time, they are not even close. I had so many "chocolate" lip balms and such in my day, and they smelled NOTHING like real food of any kind.

This formula is a little more moisturizing than that of the Root Beer shampoo, making it perfect for my son's longer, thicker hair. He is so rough on his hear, chewing it, twisting it and doing everything possible to tangle, break and damage it. He was in serious need of hair repair, and this shampoo delivered.

Marisol's Melon Leave-In Conditioner:
Not only does this also smell incredible, but it it works wonders. Plus it saves so much time and effort. No more waiting for the conditioner to soak in, no more double rinsing(shampoo, then conditioner).

My son hates getting his hair rinsed. If any water gets in his face(which it often does since he likes to put his dead down instead of up), he freaks. This saves us both so much hassle. Just rub it in and leave it.

Plus, leaving it in instead of rinsing it out allows for more intensive moisturizing, which his hair really needs. His hair is much less frizzy now than it was before he started using this.

Pia's Pineapple Detangler:
One thing that almost all kids hate is getting their hair brushed, especially if they have tangles. My daughter is the worst. She will run away, throw a fit, squirm uncontrollable, whatever it takes to avoid hair brushing. Even if it is not going to hurt, she hates it.

The only thing she does like is having the detangler sprayed in. For some reason, she thinks that is funny. Fortunately, this works so well that I can sneak a few strokes in after each squirt and am able to get it brushed fairly easily. It used to take forever.

My son loves it too. He always asks for his "Pineapple Hair Squirty Spray". It is too cute. It works like a charm on his hair too. The brushed just glides through and his hair looks shiny, smooth and soft. And of course, it smells wonderful too.

Valerie's Vanilla Hair Spray:
While most kids don't need tons of hairspray or anything, it is great to have it sometimes. For holding curls or ponytails in place it is great. Of course, that does not apply to my son, but he has(on more than one occasion) taken scissors to his hair while he was at school. That obviously created the problem of short pieces of hair sticking up at times.

This hair spray is very flexible and light, and it banishes the fly up hairs, even when they are less than minor. Plus it smells creamy and delicious and adds a lovely touch of shine.

With an arsenal like this, it is no surprise that my son's hair looks more fabulous than ever, even after all he puts it through.
And hair care products is not the end of the amazing Circle of Friends collection.

Lachlan's Shamrock Suds:
This has a fabulous real pear scent. It s so fresh and sweet. It has Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, making it moisturizing and refreshing. My son loves the pump.

We also love that this is Irish inspired. My husband is 100% Irish. he was even born in Ireland. Obviously, that makes my son half Irish. I love that this helps him connect to his Irish culture in just about the cutest way possible.

I am sure you noticed that every scent has a different friend(hence the name, "Circle f Friends"). The bottles even have a bio of each friend printed on the back, telling of the different culture of each character. I love that they are made relate-able by including child characters, but that there is also something educational behind it. Anything that can open my children to new knowledge is wonderful.

Circle of Friends products are just amazing. If I could find this level of quality in everything I buy, I would be in paradise. If you want a top of the line children's care line, I HIGHLY recommend Circle of Friends.

*Although I received these products at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

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