Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pixi "Back To School Beauty" Review

If you have been keeping up with my posts, then you should already be well aware of my obsession with Pixi Beauty. Pixi products are simply incredible. They are so gorgeous, premium quality and, of course, totally on trend. I can't get enough.

I recently tried the Pixi "Back to School Beauty" items, and my love only became stronger.
The "Back to School Beauty" collection is all about convenience. The ability to have everything you need to look gorgeous with you at all times, and to apply it in minutes without sacrificing performance or appearance. IN another words, it is a all in one polished look.

There are only 3 products needed to create a Back to School Beauty look. One of which is simple a sharpener to keep another product in perfect shape, even on the go.

The Dual Sharpener is so vital.
This provides a clean, even sharpening. All to often sharpeners eat your product rather than sharpen it. Not only does that waste product, but using something wooden and jagged on your eyes is not very fun. This is so smooth. No breaking, jagged edges or waste. I love it. It even comes with a little "pick" in case it does clog or something.

The next product is one that I always consider a must have. The Softly Smokey Crayon Combo is fabulous.
I have small eyes, and I never feel put together unless I have a liner on them. This is so perfect because it is so smooth and glides on so effortlessly, yet it provides a very rich color. Plus, it offers 2 complimenting colors so it can be used together or one color alone. Both colors are so beautiful. I love brown for my eyes.
Even though this is a large Crayon rather than a slim liner, it is just as easy(if not easier) to achieve a super clean thin line. If I can do it, it must be fool proof. It is so simple.

Of course, most people would not consider an eye crayon a complete look, so there is another product that covered the rest. The Perfection Palette is just that, perfection!
The Perfection Palette features 16 eye shadows, 3 blushers, a highlighter and a bronzer. This palette can create a complete look in minutes with no effort whatsoever. It is compact to easily fit in even a small handbag and the packaging is lovely, not to mention practical with an elastic closure.

The Perfection Palette is ideal for anyone who wants beauty on the go, in other words and school girl's best friend. This is a must for any locker, backpack or purse and will ensure you stay fabulous all year long, even if you oversleep.

I cannot tell you have quickly I was able to create my look using these wonderful products. I love them. They are not too bold, but create a glowing, polished look.
And of course, the products in this palette are all incredible. They are all so silky smooth. The colors are rich and ultra pigmented. They feel lightweight and smooth on the skin, and they last for hours without missing a beat.

Finding such quality in individual products is difficult enough, but it seems like the quality is always reduced when there are multi-product palettes. It has never made any sense to me, but I have experienced that disappointment on countless occasions. I am so glad that Pixi keeps it's supreme quality.

If my previous posts have not led you to give Pixi a try, you really need to check these products out. And if you don't want them for you(for whatever cray reason), they would make fabulous gifts. Think stocking stuffers. You can't go wrong with Pixi.

*Although I received these products at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

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