Saturday, September 28, 2013


Now that Summer is basically over, school is back in session, and the cooler weather is rapidly closing in. During the day, kids are in school. After school there are snacks to be had, homework to be done, and so many other tasks to tackle. There is hardly enough time in the day.

That does not leave much time for heading outside to be active. For older kids it is not as hard because they can go out with friends even if the parents are inside doing other things. In my case though, my kids are 6 and 2 and they are NEVER outside without me.

I hate that they have to be cooped up inside, but with the insects, ants, rain, heat, cold, cars, dirt, and everything else that comes with the outdoors, and all the chores that await me inside, there is just always a reason to stay indoors.

While there is always plenty for them to do inside, I am constantly looking for more ways to get them active. My kiddos are a little on the chubby side, and, while they are adorable, I always want them to be healthy. Not just now, but in the future. It is important to me that they learn healthy habits now, most importantly of which is staying active.

I love finding safe, entertaining ways for them to get up and get moving inside. One toy that they have always loved playing with is the Hula Hoop. The problem with that is they would break them within a matter of hours.

Regular Hula Hoops bend so easily, and once they are bent, they are pretty much worthless. Plus, most of them are so light to begin with that they are very hard to use. The weight is what makes them spin properly.

In general, I think that the Hula Hoop is a great invention, but, with the primary target being kids, there are multiple design flaws. I always wanted a better option, something that would last more than a few days, weeks or even months if I was lucky.

When I found out about HOOPERSIZE, a thicker, heavier, kid-proof hoop, I was really excited, although I was admittedly a bit skeptical.
One of the biggest reasons I was so unsure about the toughness of this hoop is that it comes in pieces and you assemble it yourself.
It is so easy to snap the pieces together. Once they are together, you really cannot get them apart. I tried, really hard, to get it apart as a test, and it is very solid. It also does not bend or dent. It is very sturdy. The first thing each kid tried to do was stand on it and pull it at the same time, which on every prior hoop has always caused irreversible bending. This hoop didn't even flinch.

I really love the thickness and the weight. It is not heavy, just weight proportioned and solid. The balance of weight makes it easy to get a rhythm going. I can even do it. I always thought I was a terrible hula hooper, but it turns out it was the small, weightless hoops I was using. I can whip this thing like a pro. It's so cool. It is fun, helps me build my coordination and give me a little exercise too.

HOOPERSIZE Fit Kit also comes with an awesome DVD and Music CD packed with great workout tunes and videos.
They are up tempo and kid friendly. There is even trick demonstrations. It is so informative and fun. My son loves it. He watches it even if he is not hooping.

Of course the most important thing is that the kids actually play with and enjoy the hoop itself, and they both love it. It is more for my son, since he is older. He is usually more into tech(non active) activities, so he really needs the exercise.
Of course, my daughter adores her big brother, and always wants to be just like him, so she loves it too.
They even played together without getting upset. They rarely do that. She was copying him spinning even without a hoop. It was so cute.
I am so happy with HOOPERSIZE. The kids love it, I love it, and I know it will bring them fun and fitness for many years to come. Durability is one of the most important aspects of children's products, and usually it is the hardest to come by. HOOPERSIZE by KidTribe really breaks the mold by creating an unbreakable version of a beloved kid's favorite.

If you have a child who loves to hoop, then they need a big, solid, durable hoop that actually has the weight needed to propel it and the toughness to stand up to a child's use. HOOPERSIZE is the only product of it's kind, and the only hoop you will ever need.

It is so wonderful to see such a classic concept reinvented. Hooping was one of my favorite activities as a child, even though I was not very good with flimsy little hoops. Not only am I now able to share my love of hooping with my kids, but I was able to conquer my inability to hoop. HOOPERSIZE is fantastic.

Any child would love to receive a HOOPERSIZE Fit Kit as a gift this holiday season, and any adult should be proud to give such a practical gift to their own child, or to any child in their life.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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